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How to find time to write | Now Novel

How to find time to write this year

Casual readers and signed up members alike on Now Novel share a common struggle: Finding time to write. Or, rather, making time to write, since that’s what it boils down to.  Between simple life hacks and prioritizing your writing, you can finish your story. Here are several tips for how to find time to write: (more…)

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Writing productivity tools and apps that help you work smarter

7 writing productivity tools to work smarter

Writing productivity tools and apps make it easier to structure your work and maximize what you get out of available writing hours. Here are 7 tools and apps that will help you finish a book this year: 1. Google Docs It’s tricky keeping productive when you have countless other demands on your time. Google Docs is […]

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How to be inspired to write - 10 ideas

How to be inspired to write every day: 10 ideas

Writer’s block might visit sometimes, but you can learn how to be inspired to write every day. Feeling ‘uninspired’ can mean many things: That you aren’t giving yourself enough breaks, that you’re being perfectionist and holding yourself to impossible standards, or it can mean that you genuinely are fresh out of ideas. Try these 10 […]

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writing a book for the first time - blog title

Writing a book for the first time: 9 challenges you’ll overcome

Writing a book for the first time is an exciting but also challenging process. Worldbuilding, creating your characters and plotting scenes are fun processes of discovery, but first-time novel writers often encounter setbacks too. These challenges cause many unprepared writers to give up on their novels, but you can overcome them with the right mindset and […]

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Can I write a book?

‘Can I write a book?’ Yes: 7 resolutions that will help

The start of a new year is a great time to set goals and start writing in earnest. Maybe last year you were uncertain. Maybe you found yourself asking, ‘Can I write a book? What if my story idea sucks?’ The truth is you can resolve to write anytime and put in place the foundations that […]

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Writing habits - 7 steps to an effective writing routine

Writing habits: Form a winning routine in 7 steps

Writing habits of famous authors are ingrained – it’s how a Nobel or Booker-winning author can be so prolific. In order to succeed as a writer, it is necessary to develop a motivating writing routine, and here’s how: Know yourself – find what writing patterns work best The first consideration in establishing a motivating writing routine […]

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'I can't start my book' - picture of Now Novel home page

‘I can’t start my book’: You can in 7 simple steps

Writing a book is a wonderful process of discovery and revelation, but it is also daunting, especially if you’re attempting the process for the first time. If you find yourself saying ‘I can’t write my book’,  here are 7 steps to take that will spur you on: Table of Contents 1. Set a motivating date 2. […]

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