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  • How to format and punctuate dialogue correctly
  • How to use dialogue to illustrate your characters
  • How to use subtext & context to write purposeful dialogue
  • How to solve common issues with written dialogue
  • Writers who struggle with formatting dialogue correctly
  • Anyone wanting to use dialogue to develop stories
  • Writers wanting to write subtler, richer dialogue
  • Anyone looking for feedback to troubleshoot dialogue scenes


What I received in learning and getting my novel out is so important! If I hadn't taken this course I don't believe I’d be able too, thank you, everyone!

— Donna

I've found some very good help, explanations, about some things I wanted to learn more about. There are things to help me with my dashboard and more. I'm so glad I was able to get it.

— Abby

Now Novel has provided me with a wealth of information in small, easy to digest, doses so that I can methodically go back to my work and improve one aspect at a time. I find the tips provided very useful for all levels of writers.

— Eric
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Now Novel icon - reading for intro to dialogue
Intro to dialogue

Learn core terms and how to format dialogue correctly.

Now Novel icon - lightbulb for illustrative dialogue
Illustrative dialogue

Learn how to write dialogue that illustrates personality, bringing characters to life.

Now Novel icon - checklist for subtext and context
Subtext and context

Learn how to use subtleties such as subtext & context to enrich dialogue.

Now Novel icon of notebook and pen - trade secrets
Trade secrets

Read tips on fixing weak dialogue and submit your final assignment for feedback.


Bridget McNulty - Now Novel co-founder and writing coach
Bridget McNulty
  • Editor
  • Features writer
  • Content strategist
  • Author of Strange Nervous Laughter (Struik & Macmillan) and The Grief Handbook (Watkins Publishing)
Romy Sommer - Now Novel Writing Coach and Editor
Romy Sommer
  • Author of seven novels published by HarperCollins London, as well as seven self-published titles
  • Founder of ROSA (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa)
  • First South African to be nominated for the prestigious RWA Rita® Award
Jordan Kantey - Now Novel writing coach and editor
Jordan Kantey
  • 10 years' experience editing fiction and content
  • Now Novel Writing coach since 2016
  • Honours in English Literature (with distinction)
  • Special interest in literary, historical, and contemporary fiction
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Week 01

In Intro to Dialogue, you'll:

  • Explore the crucial ways written dialogue differs from speech
  • Read your workbook covering how to format dialogue and the crucial functions of dialogue in a story
  • Watch week one’s video, Learning from Stephen King
  • Complete the brief exercises at the end of your workbook
Week 02

In Illustrative Dialogue, you'll:

  • Examine how to use dialogue to illustrate characters
  • Learn how to use dialogue to reveal characters’ personalities and motivations
  • Watch week two’s video, Learning from Jeffrey Eugenides
  • Complete the brief exercises at the end of your workbook
Week 03

In Subtext & Context, you'll:

  • Explore what lies beneath what characters say
  • Learn how people talk differently depending on setting and context
  • Watch week three’s video, Learning from Barbara Kingsolver
  • Complete the brief exercises at the end of your workbook
Week 04

In Trade Secrets, you’ll:

  • Read additional tips for crafting effective dialogue
  • Discover solutions for common dialogue issues
  • Watch week four’s video, Learning from Quentin Tarantino
  • Complete an extract of dialogue up to 1000 words long to send to your assigned tutor for detailed feedback

Write better dialogue now:

I took the course How to Write Dialogue offered by Now Novel. The learning material is well-structured and easy to comprehend. I recommend this course for each writer who wants to build a good foundation in writing dialogues.

— Tanya
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