Online Writing Courses:
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Developing good writing skills is key to becoming a writer. Take a course, sharpen your creative toolkit, and get professional feedback.

What are your options?

1. Enroll in a structured online writing course

Kickstart your Novel

Finish the first three chapters of your novel and synopsis with feedback from your personal coach.

How to Write Dialogue

Learn how to format dialogue, how to use dialogue to illustrate characters, subtext and context and more.

2. Download a practical eBook guide

How to Write Real Characters

Learn how to create realistic characters who move and entertain readers.

How to Write Scenes

Learn the elements of compelling scenes and how to start, develop and end each unit of your story effectively.

3. Enroll in a short, free writing course via email
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Beginning your Novel:
Writing a Great First Chapter

Writing a First Draft:
Organizing your Process

How to Plot a Novel:
Plot, Subplot, Arc

Writing Gripping Stories:
Pace, Tension, Action

Characterization 101:
Writing Believable Characters

Writing Vivid Setting:
Mastering 'Place'

For Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writers

Write Better Dialogue:
Crafting Conversations