Find support for every stage of the writing process:

Plan Phase - icon
Plan Stage Outline & Prepare
Outlining Tools
Start for free with your central idea & a character profile.
Pay once for unlimited story planning tools and webinars.
Get story planning tools, live webinars plus regular writing feedback.
Develop Phase - icon
Develop Stage Get Expert Help
Accountability Tools
Write your first three chapters with feedback over six weeks.
Writing sprints, Q&As and feedback over six months.
One-on-one coaching with published authors and editors.
Launch Phase - icon
Launch Stage Finish and Polish
Refinement Tools
Professional writing help from evaluations to proofreading.
Self-publishing and trad publishing help over 5 months.
Cover design, Kindle Direct Publishing, and more.

Plan stage

Plan your story - character overview | Now Novel


Outlining Tools

  • Free tools to start
  • Lifetime perks for less
  • The Process for ongoing support
Plan your story - story outline | Now Novel

Get started with tools


Brainstorm your story idea, create a main character's profile, and share your work for community feedback for free.

Planning tools:

  • Full access to the central idea wizard to help you brainstorm your story's concept
  • Create one character profile in the characters section of the dashboard
  • One story idea stored securely in the cloud
  • Use on any device - computer, tablet, or phone


  • Trade critiques and share writing tips and challenges with the Now Novel community
* no credit card required

Pay once for unlimited access to story planning tools (The Dashboard), premium perks in writing groups, and webinars.

Everything from the free tier, plus

Planning tools:

  • Full access to The Dashboard, a step-by-step writing process to create your story's outline - including the Scene Builder and World Builder tools
  • Unlimited number of stories stored securely in the cloud

Ongoing learning:

  • Exclusive writing webinars with editors, agents and published authors
  • Monthly subscriber newsletter with writing advice, resources, and community news


  • Submit longer critiques of 1,200 - 3,000 words
  • Share up to four critique submissions in the queue at one time
  • Access to a beta readers group (new!)
* never expires, subscription free
The Process

Get story outlining tools, monthly writing webinars, live critique groups, and weekly feedback at one affordable price.

Everything from the Lifetime tier, plus

Personalized feedback:

  • Weekly feedback from an editor on writing submitted to the critique queue
  • Regular ‘Critiques Live’ sessions to discuss critique feedback with an editor and the community
* auto renews, cancel anytime

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Read what Now Novel members are saying:

I am so glad I signed up for the Now Novel Group Coaching program. The group offers accountability, support from other writers, informative webinars, and knowledgeable coaches. I would highly recommend Now Novel to any writer.


I've been attending their writing webinars and writing sprints. I love Romy! She is a wonderful writing coach. I decided to become a lifetime member because I value the wealth of knowledge they share. P.S. Now Novel's writing dashboard is an amazing, easy-to-use tool!.


Now Novel is a great platform for all writers to check out - especially for plotting, brainstorming, characterisation and even world building. Their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend NN!

Read more reviews on: Trustspot Logo

Develop stage

Get expert help with informative videos | Now Novel


Personalized attention

  • Group Coaching for a detailed curriculum
  • Coaching+ for private, tailored support
  • Kickstart your Novel to get going

Progress with coaching

Group Coaching

Find accountability, community and make strong story progress over six months in a structured group author coaching program.

With Group Coaching, you get:

  • Intake and outgoing calls with writing coaches to get to know you and understand your goals and writing challenges
  • Daily drop-in writing sprints (Monday-Saturday) to stay accountable
  • Weekly workbooks, regular writing webinars, and a structured curriculum to build your writing craft
  • Personal feedback on your story plan and other key submissions during the program
  • Opportunities to connect with other writers working on diverse stories and get insights from published authors and editors

Plus all the benefits from The Process

* for 6 months, cancel anytime

Get an experienced writing guide and mentor who gives honest, constructive feedback. The right nudge when you need it to help you stick to your writing goals.

Your Now Novel coach will:

  • Assess your writing constructively, providing honest critical insight to help improve your current writing project and your craft as a whole over time
  • Help you set up a writing routine and start or revise your first three chapters with your free Kickstart your Novel course (valued at $149)
  • Help you stay accountable to writing goals with weekly check-ins
  • Give you feedback on up to 4000 words per month
  • Provide encouragement and a sounding board, sharing insights relevant to your story and writing challenges
  • Be available for feedback on calls and via email

Includes the Kickstart your Novel course and all the benefits from The Process

* auto renews, cancel anytime
Kickstart Course

Write your first three chapters with help from authors and editors on Kickstart your Novel. A six-week intensive coached course on how to start your story with workbooks, videos, and professional writing help.

Course includes:

  • Weekly workbooks with videos on planning novels and writing your first three chapters
  • A personal writing coach who will help keep you motivated and provide guidance and accountability to get you off to a good start.
  • Feedback from an experienced writing coach or fiction editor on your first three chapters and story synopsis
  • Unlimited access to the Now Novel dashboard - tools to outline your story - for the duration of your course

With the option to continue with your same book coach when you find the right fit


Books published using Now Novel

Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

"It all boosted my confidence and kept me writing until the end of the story. Now Novel has been a great springboard for success."

Novel: Bitcoin Hurricane
Kate Baucherel
Kate Baucherel, successful Now Novel author
Whisky & Wildflowers by Mark Lamot

"Five stars for the comprehensive range of topics and materials. A great feature of the site is the community of aspiring writers."

Novel: Whisky & Wildflowers
Mark Lamont
Mark Lamont, successful Now Novel author
Killer Motives by Bonnie Traymore

"I took the 'Kickstart Your Novel' online class which was a great value and really gave me the motivation to get going."

Novel: Killer Motives
Bonnie Traymore
Bonnie Traymore, successful Now Novel author

Launch stage

Get published with expert help | Now Novel


Refinement tools

  • Editing for each draft-polishing stage
  • Publishing course helps you launch
  • Publishing services for a polished book

Get started with editing


Polish your manuscript into your story's best version and get in touch:

What are the stages in editing?

  • A manuscript critique, evaluation or assessment is a detailed, constructive, critical appraisal of what works in your manuscript and what would benefit from further, specific developmental changes.
  • Developmental editing is an editing process to discuss and resolve ‘big picture’ issues in your manuscript.
  • Copy-editing entails improving the mechanics of language and style in your writing, rather than story content.
  • Proofreading is the final pass a manuscript typically undergoes after typesetting, as preparation for digital publication or print.
Publishing Course

Planning to publish your book? Avoiding rookie mistakes is easier when you understand the publishing process, publishing industry best practices, and how to build a platform to release your book successfully.

The publishing course includes:

  • A structured curriculum with weekly tasks aligned to publishing and platform-building
  • A monthly coaching call with your own coach, an expert in traditional and self-publishing
  • Guidance for key publishing processes and platforms (editing and formatting, cover design and querying, Amazon and the Kindle store, how to create a launch plan, and much more)
* for 5-months, cancel anytime

An all-inclusive path from manuscript to Amazon - with your own personal coach, experienced editor, and elite publishing consultant. Includes the 21-week publishing course.

The packages include:

  • Expert editing & proofreading: Combined developmental and copy editing to improve both the structure and detail of your manuscript, plus final proofreading to polish your text to perfection.
  • Consultation with a publishing expert: a 30-minute consultation where you can align your publishing goals, clarify your strategy, and ensure that your book has the best possible start.
  • Custom cover design: A compelling front page using high-quality stock images. Two rounds of feedback ensure that the final design meets your vision.
  • eBook conversion: A perfectly formatted ePub file compatible with Kindle and other platforms.
  • Kindle publishing: Setup of your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account and publishing of your eBook.
  • Personalized Amazon Handbook: With details on how to access your KDP account, manage your author page, monitor sales and royalty reports, and update pricing, keeping you in control of your Amazon presence.
  • Bonus Publishing course: Gain insights and skills with our publishing course, including 21 workbooks and monthly coaching calls. This course will empower you with the knowledge and tools to thrive as a self-published author.

Frequently asked questions

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How do Now Novel subscriptions work

» Your subscription renews each billing cycle until cancelled. Self-cancel your subscription at any time via the cancellation link on the 'Your Profile' page when signed into your account, or by emailing support to request cancellation. Our refund guarantee covers your most recent payment within thirty days of payment for complete peace of mind.

What payment methods do you accept

» We accept PayPal payments and most major credit/debit cards compatible with PayPal's secure payment processing system.

What is the Now Novel guarantee

» All memberships are protected by our 30-day money back guarantee (to which our fair use terms apply). You can self-cancel a subscription plan from your profile when signed into Now Novel, and lifetime membership never expires (but is non-refundable after your thirty-day guarantee period).

I have a lot of questions, can I talk to someone

» Sure. Send us an email at [email protected] or use the chat box on this page to reach out and we’ll answer any of your questions. Every member of our writing courses and membership plans has access to personal assistance and support.

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