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Uncertain about the technicalities of publishing?

Do the hurdles of editing, cover design, and formatting deter you?

Our Self-Publishing Packages are the compass to guide you through the publication process, turning the daunting into the achievable. These packages are tailored to accommodate your novel, whether it's a shorter novella or a longer-form novel, ensuring a smooth transition from manuscript to a finished product.


With our all-inclusive service, you get:

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Benefit from professional editing and proofreading to enhance the flow and clarity of your narrative, ensuring that your story makes sense, is error-free and perfectly polished.

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Embrace the future with our Kindle publishing service, including eBook conversion, Amazon and author page setup, to position your book in the digital marketplace.

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Make a great first impression with a custom eBook cover design crafted with high-quality stock images. Capture the soul of your story and draw readers to your book.


  • Benefit from a one-on-one editorial consultation to discuss your developmental editing feedback and get guidance to apply the finishing touches on your manuscript.
  • Receive tailored advice with a personalized consultation with our publishing sage. He will also dedicate time to guiding you through the steps needed to ensure a successful book launch.
  • Enjoy comprehensive support with resources such as a personalized Amazon handbook, ensuring you're equipped for every aspect of your publishing journey.
Publishing Course

Exclusive Publishing Course Bonus, FREE (usually $350)

Purchase any package and get complimentary access to our Publishing Course, featuring:

  • A 5-month course: these weekly workbooks are your roadmap to navigating the publishing landscape — from understanding the basics to planning your launch and discovery processes
  • Personalized coaching calls: these monthly one-on-one sessions with your publishing coach will provide you with tangible steps to workshop your publishing goals.

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Our packages are more than just services — they are a partnership

We provide hands-on editing, Amazon eBook publishing, and personal consultation with publishing experts.


What published alumni say about Now Novel:

I'm now ready to launch my novel. I got it written and edited inside of six months. We will see how it sells!

Dr Bonnie Traymore

I loved working with Zee. She was extremely helpful and insightful. She genuinely cared about her editing my manuscript and very encouraging. I think her background in French was extremely vital to her work on this particular manuscript

Joe Byrd

When it was suggested I write a work of fiction after years of non-fiction, I didn't know where to start. Now Novel came to the rescue. I used the tools to define my characters and posted excerpts for peer review. Since those first tentative steps I have had three novels (the SimCavalier sci fi series) and four short stories published

Kate Baucherel
Read more reviews on: Trustspot Logo

All self-publishing packages include:

Embark on your publishing journey with us and receive a comprehensive suite of services designed to turn your manuscript into a published masterpiece.

  • Comprehensive Editing Service: Our editing service combines developmental and copy editing to improve both the structure and detail of your manuscript. This ensures your narrative is compelling and your language is correct and impactful. We include a follow-up video call, allowing you to discuss the edits in-depth and understand the next steps needed to refine your manuscript.
  • Final Proofreading: Following our comprehensive editing, our final proofreading service will catch any remaining errors and ensure your text is polished to perfection. With our attention to detail, your story will be error-free and fluent, resonating with readers just as you intended.
  • Consultation with a Publishing Expert: Your package includes a 30-minute consultation with our publishing maestro. Use this time to align your publishing goals, clarify your strategy, and ensure that your book has the best possible start.
  • Professional Cover Design: Your cover will be the first impression someone has of your book. Our team creates a compelling front page encapsulating your narrative's essence using high-quality stock images. Two rounds of feedback ensure that the final design meets your vision.
  • eBook Conversion: Transition smoothly into the digital age with our eBook conversion service. We'll transform your Word document into a perfectly formatted ePub file, compatible with Kindle and other e-readers, preserving the formatting of your work.
  • Kindle Publishing: Step onto the global stage with our Kindle publishing service. We'll upload your ePub to Amazon, handling the technicalities so that your book is ready for readers worldwide.
  • Amazon Author Page Setup: Craft your professional author persona with an Amazon author page. Showcase your bio, profile picture, and book blurb, creating a hub for your current and future works, and connecting you with your audience.
  • Personalized Amazon Handbook: Navigate the world of Amazon publishing with confidence. Our handbook provides you with the know-how to access your KDP account, manage your author page, monitor sales and royalty reports, and update pricing, keeping you in control of your Amazon presence.
  • Publishing Course: Gain insights and skills with our publishing course, including 21 workbooks and monthly coaching calls. This course will empower you with the knowledge and tools to thrive as a self-published author.

Additional Perks:

  • A dedicated support team throughout your publishing journey.
  • A guide to marketing your book post-publication.
  • Exclusive tips and strategies for optimizing your book's launch.

Our self-publishing packages

Choose your path to publication

Novella Package

For stories up to 50K words


all inclusive

Novel Package

For stories up to 90K words


all inclusive

Long Novel Package

For stories up to 150K words


all inclusive

Our team has designed and launched:

The Thirteenth Guest by Rod Beaumont

Lord of the Bats by M.J. Lee & Dr B. Mathew

The Pink Slippers by Pamela Heller-Stern

Confessions of a Llama by Patrick Ntsime

The Trance Mitter by Matthew James Daniel

Lost in Chance by Lize Jacobs

Who you'll work with

Dave Henderson - Publishing consultant
Dave Henderson
  • Well-known publishing expert
  • More than 11 years experience in the industry
  • Helped 100s of writers publish their books
  • Award winning blog on self-publishing
Nerine Dorman - Now Novel Writing coach and editor
Nerine Dorman
  • Editor and multi-published author
  • Editor of the Bloody Parchment anthologies
  • Author of award-winning YA novel Sing Down the Stars
  • Special interest in science fiction, fantasy, horror and YA
Arja Salafranca - Now Novel Writing coach and editor
Arja Salafranca
  • Poet, author, essayist, journalist and editor
  • Author of award-winning poetry collections, A Life Stripped of Illusions and Beyond Touch
  • Debut collection of short stories, The Thin Line
  • Editor of three collections of prose and short stories
  • Holds an MA in Creative Writing

Books published using Now Novel

Tangled Fortunes by Kate Baucherel

"It all boosted my confidence and kept me writing until the end of the story".

Novel: Tangled Fortunes
Publisher: Sixth Element

Kate Baucherel

Kate Baucherel, successful Now Novel author
Monet & Oscar by Joe Byrd

"Fiona taught me how to write a fiction story and provided me with the discipline I needed to shape my fiction writing skills".

Novel: Monet & Oscar
Publisher: Giverney Books

Joe Byrd

Joe Byrd, successful Now Novel author

Ready to take the leap?

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ speech bubbles
What types of novels are suitable for your self-publishing packages

»Our packages are designed for novellas, novels, and long novels up to 150K words. Whether you're looking to publish a concise, impactful story or an expansive, detailed narrative, we have the right package for you. Non-fiction books and visual books such as children's books require additional work to convert into an ebook format and may incur extra costs. If you have a non-fiction or visual book, please contact us at [email protected] for a custom quote.

How does the publishing consultation work

» After you have finished with the editing and proofreading processes, you'll be scheduled for a one-on-one session with our publishing expert. He'll discuss your goals, review your materials, and offer tailored advice to maximize your book's potential.

Can I see examples of cover designs before I decide

» Absolutely! Please look above for examples, but we can provide other samples of our previous cover designs so you can gauge our aesthetic quality and creativity.

Can I provide my own image for the cover design

» Absolutely! If you have a specific image in mind that you'd like incorporated into your cover design, you're welcome to send it to us. Make sure you either own the copyright or have obtained a valid license allowing its use for commercial purposes like book cover design.

What if I need more than two rounds of feedback on my cover design

» Our standard package includes two rounds of feedback. However, additional feedback rounds can be arranged for a nominal fee to ensure your cover perfectly captures your book's essence.

How are the editing and proofreading services adapted for different novel lengths

» Editing and proofreading services are scaled according to word count to ensure a thorough review without compromising on quality, no matter the length of your manuscript.

Can you describe the eBook conversion process

» We handle the conversion of your Word document into an ePub format, ensuring that your book is compatible with Kindle and other e-readers, maintaining formatting integrity and readability. Please note that the ePub is uneditable, so the conversion can only take place after you have finished the final proofreading.

What about typesetting for my ebook

» Our ebook conversion process does not include typesetting. The final ebook will reflect the formatting of the Word document provided, so it's important to ensure your manuscript is formatted as you wish it to appear in the final ebook product before submission.

What does the Amazon author page setup include

» We create a professional author page on Amazon to showcase your catalog of works and enhance your visibility and connection with readers. You will provide us with an author bio and profile picture, book blurb, and catalog of works.

What's included in the personalized Amazon handbook

» The handbook is a comprehensive guide to managing your Amazon author profile, uploading future works, tracking sales, and optimizing your presence on the platform.

What if I already have a cover design or don't require all the services listed

» We offer the flexibility to tailor packages to fit your specific needs. If you already have certain elements like a cover design, we can adjust the package accordingly. However, if you already have a cover for your print book, we'll still need to adjust it to meet the cover specifications for Amazon Print on Demand. Please contact us on [email protected] to request a custom quote.

How do the one-on-one coaching calls work

» These calls are scheduled monthly to discuss your progress, address any concerns, and provide expert advice on moving forward effectively. They are included as part of the publishing course, which is included in all the packages.

Will I receive assistance if I encounter issues after the handover

» Our commitment to your success extends beyond the handover. Should any issues arise with the work we have delivered, we're here to provide support and guidance.

Can I pay for services in instalments

» We offer a two-payment instalment plan for author services, available upon request only. If you'd like to take advantage of this option, please send us an email at [email protected].

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