How to write real characters:
Creating your story’s cast

Learn how to create characters who move and entertain readers.

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Learn how to use characterization
to breathe life into your novel

The greatest stories ever told have one thing in common:

Believable characters who intrigue, entertain, move or amuse us. Using examples and exercises, this E-book (Part 1 of our comprehensive character course) guides you through each of the foundational stages of building a character. Use it to brainstorm character goals and motivations, craft effective backstory and develop lifelike characters.

What you get:

  • A 24-page workbook spanning four modules:
  1. ‘“Peopling your story”: Why characterization is so important’
  2. ‘Plot vs. Character: What comes first?’
  3. ‘Getting to know Joe: Forming a relationship with your characters’
  4. ‘Bringing the skeletons out the closet: Dealing with backstory.’
  • Handy characterization quotes and examples and focused character-writing exercises to apply and practice the ideas each module shares.
  • Concise course videos for each module, illustrating core characterization concepts.

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