How to plan a story scene by scene | Now Novel

How to plan a story in scenes: 5 steps

In novels, screenwriting, and play-writing a scene is a useful structuring device for deciding what happens, where, to whom, and why. There are many ways to outline a story, but planning scene by scene is a useful way to make sure every scene has purpose, intrigue, and the other ingredients of a great read. Here […]

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World building - writing the natural environment | Now Novel

World building: Writing the natural environment

In epic fantasy world building, natural environments provide possible hazards (freezing cold, dangerous volcanoes) and mood or atmosphere. Even in ‘realist’ fiction set in our own world, environment (such as the details that make a coastal city familiar, for example), is a key part of setting. Read tips for creating an engaging natural world for […]

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World building tips - writing engaging settings | Now Novel

World building tips: Writing engaging settings

World building tips often focus on fantastical genres such as fantasy and sci-fi, because they involve creating worlds different to our own. It’s important to create immersive, interesting and believable settings, whatever your genre. To build a detailed world, one to rival Westeros, Hogwarts (or Dickens’ London), use these world building tips: (more…)

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Using new writing tools - Scene Builder and World Builder | Now Novel

New writing tools: Using Now Novel’s Scene and World Builder

When we asked readers to share their #1 writing challenges with us, two areas of writing came up repeatedly. The first was plotting and planning. The second was worldbuilding. So we’re excited to bring you two additional writing tools, the Scene Builder and World Builder. Here are 8 ways you  use them to develop a […]

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How to plot a series | Now Novel

How to plot a series: 8 steps

Plotting just one novel is challenging, never mind plotting a multi-book arc. Having structure and a plan helps. Here’s how to plot a series in 8, structured steps: (more…)

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Writing a short story: 8 ways it will improve your craft | Now Novel

Writing a short story: 8 ways it will help your craft

The short story has a long and rich tradition, spanning everything from the Gothic tales of Poe to contemporary masterpieces. Writing a short story will improve your writing skills, as you can apply many of the techniques you master in the process to longer forms. Telling a complete story in 5,000 words rather than 100,000 nurtures […]

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How to create tension in a story | Now Novel

How to create tension in a story: 8 simple steps

Understanding how to create tension in a story is key to writing a gripping, ‘I’ll just read one more page before bed’ read. Here are eight steps to ensure your story has effective narrative tension as well as tension between characters: (more…)

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