Inciting action examples and tips | Now Novel

Writing riveting inciting action: 7 ideas

The inciting event or incident – the situation that ignites circumstances fueling your story – is an opportunity to intrigue and win your reader’s commitment. Remember these 7 tips to write riveting inciting action: (more…)

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400 ways to say said? Simplify dialogue writing | Now Novel

421 ways to say said? Simplify dialogue instead

If you search for alternative dialogue tags to use in your story, you’ll find many lists. While some synonyms for ‘said’ read naturally (such as words conveying volume like ‘whispered’), others come across as overwritten and forced, particularly in the wrong context. Here are 5 simple ways to avoid clunky overuse of ‘he said/she said’: […]

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Prose writing - 5 steps to better style | Now Novel

Writing prose: 5 steps to better style

Writing prose, like writing poetry, involves specific challenges. Although prose is closer to ‘ordinary’, ‘everyday’ speech than poetry, it is easy to write purple prose and make other small mistakes. Here are 5 steps to refine your prose writing style: (more…)

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Descriptive verbs list - 30 words to replace dull verbs | Now Novel

Descriptive verb list: 30 words to replace dull actions

Sayings such as ‘the road to hell is paved with adverbs’ scare many aspiring authors off using adverbs to describe characters’ actions. Yet writers say this because there are often more descriptive verbs you could use instead of a duller verb-plus-adverb. Use this list of descriptive verbs to create stronger mood, atmosphere, and characterization: (more…)

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First person narrative | Now Novel

Strong first person narrative: Engaging narrators

First person narrative lets your main character take the reader into their confidence. The intimacy and immediacy of first person, how it closely involves your reader in your narrator’s world, makes this point of view (POV) naturally engaging. Here are 5 tips to make a good first person narrative even more lifelike: (more…)

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Romance story ideas | Now Novel

Romance story ideas: 5 tips for affecting arcs

Inspiration for romance story ideas is everywhere. From news headlines (TV actresses marrying members of the British royal family) to a sweet interaction you might witness in a restaurant. How can you develop a strong, affecting romance story idea? Read the following tips and use them to create interesting romantic arcs: (more…)

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