Editing Writing Process

Revision in writing: How to improve between drafts

Revision in writing, the third stage of the writing process, is a creative, pre-editing phase for developing your material so far and improving it. Read tips to make the most of this process.

Writing Motivation Writing Process

Writing first drafts: 10 ideas to reach final drafts

Writing first drafts is stage two of the five-stage writing process. Read ten ideas to make drafting a productive, freer, yet intent-aligned process.

Finding ideas Writing Process

What is prewriting? Preparing to write with purpose

Prewriting is an important stage of writing as it ensures your story project has purpose, a market, clarity, and the conceptual bedrock to build an enduring story. Learn more.

How to start a book Writing Process

Story planning and outlining: Complete guide

Story planning is an excellent solution to avoid getting stuck. Read why outlining stories is a smart choice, methods to plan stories, authors on planning and more, plus find extra resources on planning and story structure.

NaNoWriMo Writing Process

What is NaNoWriMo? Rules and reasons to do it

What is NaNoWriMo? Learn all about National Novel Writing Month, the rules, and 8 reasons why write-a-thons and writing bootcamps are worth doing.

Life writing Writing Process

How to write memoir: 9 ideas for a vivid slice of life

Learning how to write memoir has some overlap with fiction, but there are useful elements to consider if you want to do this type of life-writing. Learn more.

Writing Motivation Writing Process

Writing community: 10 ways to connect and share

The best writing communities foster growth, accountability, and provide companionship throughout the sometimes lonely writing process. Read ten ways to build community and find your own tribe.

Story Structure Writing Process

Story structure examples: How to create payoffs for readers

A well-structured story is satisfying to read, as independent parts feel cohesive and related. Read a definition of story structure, followed by effective story structure examples and their insights.

Plotting Writing Process

How to write a plot outline: 7 plotting techniques

There is no single method for how to outline a story, but these are some ways to make story structure and planning work for you and your writing process.

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