Point of view Writing Process

A definitive guide to mastering point of view

When you crack open a novel you’re stepping into the shoes of the narrator of the story. And how that story unfolds and immerses you largely depends … Read More

Book publishing Books and reading Interviews Writing Process

Author interview: Daniel Pease on writing

Daniel Pease tells us about his journey creating Careless: a Leland Chase mystery

Novel writing tips Writing Process

Finding your writing voice 5 points to consider

What sets you apart from other writers? How do you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in ļ¬nding your unique writing voice. In this blog two guest writers give their take on how to find and hone your voice.

Writing groups Writing Process

How an online writers’ community grows skill

An online writers’ community helps you grow in your craft and process in many ways. Learn reasons to join and actively participate in a critique circle.

Writing Motivation Writing Process

Boost motivation to write daily: 10 practices

Motivation to write flagging? Read ten practices you can incorporate into the writing process to keep your will to write strong.

Writing guides Writing Process

Writing process: From discovery to done (complete guide)

The writing process has many stages, from discovery and investigation to publication. Read authors’ insights on finding ideas, revision and more, and tips and methods to find the process that works for you.

Writing Process Writing tools

Artificial intelligence for writing: 10 helpful AI uses

Artificial intelligence for writing is as useful a writing tool as you make it. Read ten ideas to make AI writing generators work for your creative process.

Writing Motivation Writing Process

Writing productivity hacks: How to write more and finish

Write more this year with productivity hacks to set and reach smart goals and stretch goals. Learn more with free templates and guides.

Editing Writing Process

Revision in writing: How to improve between drafts

Revision in writing, the third stage of the writing process, is a creative, pre-editing phase for developing your material so far and improving it. Read tips to make the most of this process.

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