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EB French on her writing journey

Now Novel romantic author EB French has just published her first novel, Botanical Love. We asked her a few questions about her literary journey

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Top blog posts for 2023

From productivity hacks to complete guides to writing, to how to write dialogue and generate new story ideas, we’ve covered these topics and more in 2023. Read on for a refresher of 10 top ideas to get you motivated and writing.

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Fate deals the cards: a review and interview with romance writer Romy Sommer

Romy Sommer’s seventh novel, My Fake Italian Marriage, has now been released. We review her book and chat about its genesis

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10 key takeaways from Bird by Bird

What makes Anne Lamott’s 1994 writing book so good? We unpack some of the key points of Bird by Bird: Instructions for a Writing Life

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How to write a novel using the Save the Cat! method

The name of this writing method is certainly both intriguing and memorable. We delve into what this method entails

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Interview with writing coach Masha du Toit

We chat to writing coach Masha du Toit about mentoring other writers, creating a series, designing book covers and why writing is like surfing

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Researching place when you can’t just get on an airplane

When you can’t travel to research a place, you need to get creative with other ways of finding information about a locale

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Author interview: Daniel Pease on writing

Daniel Pease tells us about his journey creating Careless: a Leland Chase mystery

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9 ways to reclaim your writing groove

Here are some tips to reclaim your writing groove and get back into that writer’s seat

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