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Top blog posts for 2023

From productivity hacks to complete guides to writing, to how to write dialogue and generate new story ideas, we’ve covered these topics and more in 2023. Read on for a refresher of 10 top ideas to get you motivated and writing.

Learning how to write Novel writing tips Writing advice Writing guides

10 key takeaways from Bird by Bird

What makes Anne Lamott’s 1994 writing book so good? We unpack some of the key points of Bird by Bird: Instructions for a Writing Life

Romance Writing Writing guides

Writing romance and love stories: Complete guide

Writing romance and love stories means creating emotional payoffs for readers. Read more about the genre and find helpful resources on romance writing, publishing, plus romance authors’ tips.

Writing guides Writing Process

Writing process: From discovery to done (complete guide)

The writing process has many stages, from discovery and investigation to publication. Read authors’ insights on finding ideas, revision and more, and tips and methods to find the process that works for you.

Fantasy writing Writing Genres Writing guides

Writing fantasy: Creating a spellbinding story (complete guide)

Fantasy is one of the most popular genres due to the wish, wonder, and surprise that fills this speculative fiction genre. Learn more and find helpful worldbuilding templates in this fantasy writing guide.

Character writing Writing description Writing guides

How to describe to immerse readers (complete guide)

Descriptive writing brings stories and characters to life. Read tips on how to describe places and characters, descriptive writing examples from a selection of genres, and more.

Dialogue Writing Writing guides

Writing dialogue: Complete guide to storied speech

Writing dialogue is an important skill to develop so that characters’ speech is imbued with voice and advances the story. Learn more in this complete guide to dialogue writing and formatting, with examples.

Story settings Writing guides

Story setting and worldbuilding: Complete guide

What is story setting and how do you create an immersive world? Read tips and examples and find helpful resources in this complete guide.

How to start a book Writing guides Writing Process

Story planning and outlining: Complete guide

Story planning is an excellent solution to avoid getting stuck. Read why outlining stories is a smart choice, methods to plan stories, authors on planning and more, plus find extra resources on planning and story structure.

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