Plotting Writing Process

How to write a plot outline: 7 plotting techniques

There is no single method for how to outline a story, but these are some ways to make story structure and planning work for you and your writing process.

Writing Motivation Writing Process

Writing rituals: 8 good habits of serious writers

Writing rituals and good habits in writing are hard to develop, but once you’ve got them you might just have a great writing process for life.

Writing Motivation Writing Process

10 writing resolutions for a novel year

Writing resolutions, like other goals, are best kept small and easily attainable. Read 10 ideas for reaching your goals this year:

Writing Inspiration Writing Process

10 things serious writers do without fail

Serious writers cultivate specific habits. Read Amy Tan on the impetus for writing, Murakami on acquiring endurance and more.

Book marketing Book publishing Writing Process

How to create a business plan for writers

Business plans for writers are valuable documents for setting, tracking and learning from goals and strategies for selling books. Read 9 steps for developing a thorough plan.

Editing Writing Process

Manuscript evaluations: What, why, and insights

Manuscript evaluations or assessments are one of several options for getting detailed, professional feedback to elevate your writing. Learn more.

Writing advice Writing Motivation Writing Process

How long it takes to write a novel (hacks to finish faster)

How long does it take to write a novel? Are there ways to speed the process up when writing to deadline (or impatient to get the draft done)? Read on for answers.

NaNoWriMo Writing Process

What is NaNoWriMo? Rules and reasons to do it

What is NaNoWriMo? What are NaNoWriMo’s rules for participation, and what are the benefits of joining this November-long novel-writing tradition? Learn more.

Writing Process

Writing focus: 9 ways to improve yours

When you’re writing, your focus isn’t ‘on’ every day of the week. Improve your writing focus so you can get to work and finish your story. Try these 9 strategies for the busy writer:

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