Dialogue Writing Writing advice

Making dialogue sound natural

While dialogue isn’t real speech, but a form of stylized speech, it still needs to sound as natural and authentic as possible. Read on for ways to achieve this

Editing NaNoWriMo

Self-editing after NaNoWriMo

Self-editing a manuscript is essential, even if you are planning to use a professional editor too. Read on for how to self-edit

First drafts Learning how to write Modern-day novel writing Novel research Now Novel

Writing my novel with the Now Novel process

This week I take a look at writing my novel using the Now Novel process to map and plot my book, as well as some of the issues and challenges I have had with my own novel writing journey

Life writing Uncategorized Writing craft Writing Inspiration

Baring your soul: ways to write a memoir

The popularity of memoirs continues unabated, readers can’t seem to get enough of them. We look at some of the points to consider when writing a memoir

NaNoWriMo Writing advice

Mastering NaNoWriMo: expert strategies from veterans

You might be considering doing NaNoWriMo this November. Three writers give their advice on how to go about writing 50,000 words in a month

Learning how to write Novel writing tips Writing advice Writing guides

10 key takeaways from Bird by Bird

What makes Anne Lamott’s 1994 writing book so good? We unpack some of the key points of Bird by Bird: Instructions for a Writing Life

Character writing Modern-day novel writing Novel research Writing advice

Beyond stereotypes: portraying realistic LGBTIQ+ characters

Portraying realistic, credible and relatable LGBTIQ+ characters is within your grasp. Read on for tips and how to avoid the 10 tropes

How to write a story Life writing Writing exercises Writing prompts

From trauma to triumph: using life writing to heal

Is it possible to heal from trauma through writing? Studies confirm the power of writing as an aid to healing. We have some journal prompts and experts weighing in on the topic

Learning how to write Novel writing tips Story Development Writing advice Writing craft

How to write a novel using the Save the Cat! method

The name of this writing method is certainly both intriguing and memorable. We delve into what this method entails

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