Dialogue Writing Writing advice

Making dialogue sound natural

While dialogue isn’t real speech, but a form of stylized speech, it still needs to sound as natural and authentic as possible. Read on for ways to achieve this

NaNoWriMo Writing advice

Mastering NaNoWriMo: expert strategies from veterans

You might be considering doing NaNoWriMo this November. Three writers give their advice on how to go about writing 50,000 words in a month

Learning how to write Novel writing tips Writing advice Writing guides

10 key takeaways from Bird by Bird

What makes Anne Lamott’s 1994 writing book so good? We unpack some of the key points of Bird by Bird: Instructions for a Writing Life

Character writing Modern-day novel writing Novel research Writing advice

Beyond stereotypes: portraying realistic LGBTIQ+ characters

Portraying realistic, credible and relatable LGBTIQ+ characters is within your grasp. Read on for tips and how to avoid the 10 tropes

Learning how to write Novel writing tips Story Development Writing advice Writing craft

How to write a novel using the Save the Cat! method

The name of this writing method is certainly both intriguing and memorable. We delve into what this method entails

Books and reading Character writing Finding ideas Now Novel Writing advice Writing exercises Writing Inspiration

9 ways to reclaim your writing groove

Here are some tips to reclaim your writing groove and get back into that writer’s seat

Books and reading Detective fiction writing Writing advice Writing quotes

Crime writing: 10 pointers from the experts

From not having your protagonist eat too many scrambled eggs to writing what you know–and don’t know–here’s a roundup of advice from crime writing aficionados.

Editing Writing advice Writing groups

How to give constructive feedback on writing that rocks

Knowing how to give great feedback (and also how to spot writing feedback that serves rather than shuts down) is crucial for author growth. Learn more about helpful vs unhelpful feedback.

Writing advice Writing Motivation Writing Process

How long it takes to write a novel (hacks to finish faster)

How long does it take to write a novel? Are there ways to speed the process up when writing to deadline (or impatient to get the draft done)? Read on for answers.

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