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Exploring the structure of Freytag’s Pyramid

Understanding how the story structure as detailed in Freytag’s Pyramid can help you craft your own stories. Read on for a look at this storytelling tool

How to start a book How to write a story

5 ways to start a story: Choosing a bold beginning

Great authors show us there are many ways to start a story. You could begin a novel with a narrator/character introducing himself, like Salinger’s Holden Caufield or Dickens’ David Copperfield. Or you could begin in the thick of action, as┬áRay Bradbury’s does in his classic novel, Fahrenheit 451.

How to write a story

What makes a good story? 10 elements

What makes a good story? Understanding the key elements of a great story and what satisfies readers regardless of finer details (such as genre) will help you write a more successful book. We’re satisfied when stories achieve certain effects, such as moving us, inspiring us to wonder. With the advent of self-publishing there are now more books than ever on the market. So how do you make a story good so it is more successful?

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From trauma to triumph: using life writing to heal

Is it possible to heal from trauma through writing? Studies confirm the power of writing as an aid to healing. We have some journal prompts and experts weighing in on the topic

How to write a story Short stories

How to write a great short story: 7 simple steps

There are many reasons to learn how to write a great short story, even if you consider yourself a novelist first. Short stories present many publishing opportunities in journals and magazines. A short story can also be a testing ground where you work out the central themes, conflicts and characters you will use in a longer work. Here are 7 steps to writing a short story like the greats:

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