Character writing Writing description

How to describe: Writing clear places and characters

Knowing how to describe places and characters with filmic flair immerses your reader. Read tips to use stronger adjectives, minimize adverbial fluff, and more.

Character writing Writing description Writing guides

Character writing: Complete guide to creating your cast

Creating characters who spring to life on the page is vital for filling your story with people your readers can love, despise, relate to. Read a complete guide to creating characters.

How to start a book Story Structure

How to start a story: Writing better preview pages

Wondering how to start a story? Learn all about hooking readers, establishing vivid scenarios and creating beginnings that make readers want to know urgently what happens next.

Character writing Plotting

Types of stories: 7 story archetypes (and ways to use them)

Types of stories such as the seven story archetypes identified by Christopher Booker provide a starting point for writing something entirely your own.

Character writing Writing description

Character description examples: Creating people not caricatures

Effective character description examples from a range of authors from Victorian to modern times show the many ways to convey characters’ personalities, desires, strengths and shortcomings.

Thriller writing Writing Genres

How to write a thriller: 8 tips for page-turners

Understanding how to write a thriller – the role of pacing, tension and suspense – will help you tell a story that has readers obsessively turning pages.

Writing Genres YA writing

How to write YA fiction: Detailed guide

Young adult fiction, also known as YA, is a very popular fiction category. Learn how to write YA fiction that is age-appropriate and inclusive.

Book marketing Book publishing

Book cover art ideas: 9 insights from AI

Strong book cover art ideas distill what is intriguing about a story. Read nine insights gained from using an AI image generator with genre-based prompts.

Science fiction writing Writing Genres

Science fiction writing tips: Ideas from 8 authors

These tips on writing science fiction from essays and interviews with sci-fi authors will help you develop your speculative fiction writing craft.

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