Plotting Story Structure

Rising action that grips readers: 10 epic climax tips

How do you create rising action? What is its purpose? How can you make rising events more suspenseful? Dive into dramatic theory and tips to make your rising action riveting.

Science fiction writing Writing Genres

Writing science fiction: 8 ideas for quantum leaps in craft

Writing science fiction means speculating and dreaming up other possibilities and worlds. Read ideas from eight titans of the genre to make your SF soar to the stars.

Romance Writing Writing guides

Writing romance and love stories: Complete guide

Writing romance and love stories means creating emotional payoffs for readers. Read more about the genre and find helpful resources on romance writing, publishing, plus romance authors’ tips.

How to start a book Writing Motivation

How to start writing a novel: Begin better, finish faster

How do you start writing a novel? Make time, prepare, set deadlines, find a premise that fires you up to write, and get on your way to crafting compulsive reading.

Book publishing Self-publishing

Book distribution 101: Getting books to market

Learn book distribution basics and explore topics such as ‘publishing wide’ vs platform exclusivity, book aggregator services, and more about getting your book to the right reader’s hands.

Finding ideas Writing Inspiration Writing prompts

Daily writing prompts: 365 ways to practice craft

Daily writing prompts in 73 categories arranged around literary devices and craft elements to help you practice writing techniques.

Book marketing Book publishing

How to create a book cover design that wows

Wondering how to create a book cover that will wow readers? Explore elements of cover design, comparisons between typical cover features in different genres, where to find free book cover templates, and more.

Book marketing Self-publishing

Why write an e-book? Growing audience, authority, brand

Write an e-book to use as a lead magnet, encourage future fans to sign up for your newsletter, and promote your authority and expertise. Draw readers in with a seductive sample of your writing voice.

Fantasy writing Finding ideas Writing Inspiration Writing prompts

Fantasy writing prompts: 200+ ideas to create magic

Looking for ideas to write epic or dark fantasy, academic (school-set) fantasy or the comic variety? Find 200-plus fantasy-writing prompts below for writing flash fiction, short stories … Read More

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