Book publishing Self-publishing

Self-publishing on Amazon: 20 Pros and cons for authors

What are the pros and cons of self publishing on Amazon and being an indie author on this global platform?

Writing links Writing tools

Best story writing websites in 2022

What are the best storytelling websites? We’ve put together a selection of writing sites offering writing tips, help with plot and character, book publication and promo resources and more.

Character writing Writing description

Direct vs indirect characterization: How to show and tell

There are two main ways to reveal characters: direct characterization, and indirect characterization. What defines these two characterization types, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

Plotting Writing Process

How to write a plot outline: 7 plotting techniques

There is no single method for how to outline a story, but these are some ways to make story structure and planning work for you and your writing process.

Narration Point of view

Point of view: Complete guide to POV in stories

Point of view is an important element of storytelling. The viewpoint narrator’s version of events shapes the reader’s own understanding and judgments. Read on for POV definitions and examples:

Writing Motivation Writing Process

How to finish a novel: 10 ways to follow through

These ten tips should help you follow through and finish writing a book. Read about stacking habits, the benefits of smart goals, how many drafts published authors write and more.

Story conflict

How to use central conflict and drama to drive your novel

What is the central conflict in a story? We define central or primary conflict and explore ways to use common types of conflict in fiction to propel your story along.

Interviews Mystery writing

Author interview: Bonnie Traymore on Killer Motives

We chat to Kickstart your Novel alumnus Dr Bonnie Traymore about her forthcoming mystery novel Killer Motives, the writing and editing process, favorite mystery authors and more.

Character writing Writing description

Creating characters readers remember: Detailed guide

Creating characters who spring to life on the page is vital for filling your story with people your readers can love, despise, relate to and find intriguing. Learn more.

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