Book marketing Book publishing

How to create a book cover design that wows

Wondering how to create a book cover that will wow readers? Explore elements of cover design, comparisons between typical cover features in different genres, where to find free book cover templates, and more.

Book marketing Self-publishing

Why write an e-book? Growing audience, authority, brand

Write an e-book to use as a lead magnet, encourage future fans to sign up for your newsletter, and promote your authority and expertise. Draw readers in with a seductive sample of your writing voice.

Fantasy writing Finding ideas Writing Inspiration

Fantasy writing prompts: 200+ ideas to create magic

Looking for ideas to write epic or dark fantasy, academic (school-set) fantasy or the comic variety? Find 200-plus fantasy-writing prompts below for writing flash fiction, short stories … Read More

AI for Writing Dialogue Writing Writing tools

Dialogue writing examples from top books vs AI (2023)

Dialogue writing examples from popular reads and AI teach us interesting things about what makes human-written dialogue better, juicier with voice, viewpoint, and balance between elements. Learn more.

Plotting Story Development

170 plot development questions (plus worksheet)

Brainstorm plot intrigues with 100 questions for plotting from beginning to end, plus an extra seventy on the seven basic plots in a free worksheet.

Dialogue Writing

Context and subtext in dialogue: Creating layered speech

What are context and subtext in dialogue? Why do they matter? How can you use both to create multiple levels of meaning and significance in speech? Find out.

Writing groups Writing Process

How an online writers’ community grows skill

An online writers’ community helps you grow in your craft and process in many ways. Learn reasons to join and actively participate in a critique circle.

Horror writing Writing Genres

How to write a horror story: Telling tales of terror

Learn how to write a horror story, with insights from Stephen King, John Carpenter, the script opening for The Exorcist, and more, and discover ideas for telling a more chilling tale.


52 common writing errors (examples and tips)

Common writing errors trip writers up at every opportunity. This guide examines ten categories of easy writing mistakes to make, with tips to avoid them.

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