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How to write your life story: 7 tips to start

Aspiring autobiographers often mail us asking, ‘how can I write my own story?’ Try these 7 life writing tips to start:

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Baring your soul: ways to write a memoir

The popularity of memoirs continues unabated, readers can’t seem to get enough of them. We look at some of the points to consider when writing a memoir

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From trauma to triumph: using life writing to heal

Is it possible to heal from trauma through writing? Studies confirm the power of writing as an aid to healing. We have some journal prompts and experts weighing in on the topic

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How to write memoir: 9 ideas for a vivid slice of life

Learning how to write memoir has some overlap with fiction, but there are useful elements to consider if you want to do this type of life-writing. Learn more.

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Writing mentor interview: Hedi Lampert on creative memoir

We chat to Now Novel writing mentor Hedi Lampert who shares insights into writing fictionalized memoir, the joys of helping other writers, advice to multi-talented authors and more.

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How to publish a memoir: My two best tips

Now Novel co-founder Bridget McNulty’s book, The Grief Handbook: A guide through the worst days of your life is being published internationally (in the UK, US and South Africa) this week. Here are her two best tips on how to publish a memoir:

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How to write an autobiography: 7 key steps

Many people who’ve lived interesting lives want to learn how to write an autobiography. Whether you want to write a memoir or a fictional autobiography, these 7 steps will help you start:

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How to write a biography: 7 life-writing ideas

Biography – literally ‘life writing’ – poses a variety of challenges. Balancing historical narration and day-to-day incident, for example. Or choosing what to include and what to leave out. Read 7 ideas on how to write a biography, with examples from biographical writing:

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