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How to write a novel using the Save the Cat! method

The name of this writing method is certainly both intriguing and memorable. We delve into what this method entails

Novel research Writing tools

Researching place when you can’t just get on an airplane

When you can’t travel to research a place, you need to get creative with other ways of finding information about a locale

Dialogue Writing Formatting fiction Grammar and punctuation writing dialogue

Voices on the page: points to consider when writing dialogue

The central job of dialogue in a novel is to move the plot forward, provide exposition and reveal who the characters are. Read on for some ways to write dialogue

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9 ways to reclaim your writing groove

Here are some tips to reclaim your writing groove and get back into that writer’s seat

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Crime writing: 10 pointers from the experts

From not having your protagonist eat too many scrambled eggs to writing what you know–and don’t know–here’s a roundup of advice from crime writing aficionados.

Story Structure Writing Genres

How to write a novella: 6 essential tips

Learning how to write a novella is excellent preparation for writing your first novel. It enables you to work out characters and themes more extensively than a short story does. Writing a novella gives you helpful scaffolding for an expanded and more detailed book or series. Read on for a definition of the novella and 6 essential tips for writing one:

Finding ideas Poetry Writing Inspiration

How to use poetry in fiction

Including poetry in your fiction can have many benefits and enhance your storyline. We look at ways to include poetry in your stories.   

Book marketing Book publishing

Pros and cons of self-publishing  –  should you do it?

So you’ve finally written your novel and you want to get it published. You’ve heard of the tremendous success of self-published authors, such as Colleen Hoover.  Now you’re wondering if that’s the way to go. Is it?

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