Character writing Narration Point of view

Delving into fourth person point of view

While this is an unusual way of telling a story, learning to use fourth person point of view can lead to some intriguing tales

Point of view Writing Process

A definitive guide to mastering point of view

When you crack open a novel you’re stepping into the shoes of the narrator of the story. And how that story unfolds and immerses you largely depends … Read More

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EB French on her writing journey

Now Novel romantic author EB French has just published her first novel, Botanical Love. We asked her a few questions about her literary journey

Modern-day novel writing Story Structure Writing advice Writing craft

End notes: what goes at the back of a book

We have all had the experience of reading a novel, getting to the end and feeling unsatisfied. Something wasn’t right, we expected more, the story was so … Read More

Writing advice Writing craft Writing description

Elevate writing using literary devices

A literary device is a technique or tool used by writers to enhance the effectiveness, beauty, and depth of their writing. Knowing all about them, and sprinkling them into your writing, can enhance your writing

Character writing Novel writing tips

How to use Jung’s 12 archetypes to shape characters

We explore the 12 Jungian archetypes, seeing how they can be used in writing.

Character writing Modern-day novel writing Writing advice

Exploring the depths of villainy

There is an art to writing villainous characters. We look at different types of these characters with examples from books, TV and film

Story Structure Writing advice Writing craft Writing tools

Impact of introductions, prologues, prefaces and forewords

Using powerful literary tools such as introductions, prologues, prefaces and forewords and can be impactful. Read on for definitions and examples of these

Book publishing Self-publishing Writing advice

Writers sound off on vanity publishing

We asked writers on our social media platforms what they thought of vanity press publishing. The answers were overwhelmingly negative

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