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Impact of introductions, prologues, prefaces and forewords

Using powerful literary tools such as introductions, prologues, prefaces and forewords and can be impactful. Read on for definitions and examples of these

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Researching place when you can’t just get on an airplane

When you can’t travel to research a place, you need to get creative with other ways of finding information about a locale

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The benefits of reading like a writer

We’ve all heard the phrase “good readers make good writers,” but just what does it mean, why is it important, and how does one go about reading like a writer?

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Dialogue writing examples from top books vs AI (2023)

Dialogue writing examples from popular reads and AI teach us interesting things about what makes human-written dialogue better, juicier with voice, viewpoint, and balance between elements. Learn more.

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Artificial intelligence for writing: 10 helpful AI uses

Artificial intelligence for writing is as useful a writing tool as you make it. Read ten ideas to make AI writing generators work for your creative process.

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Best story writing websites in 2022

What are the best storytelling websites? We’ve put together a selection of writing sites offering writing tips, help with plot and character, book publication and promo resources and more.

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Novel planner tools: 7 tips to propel your progress

Using novel planner tools helps you build a story with purpose. Whether you use a step-by-step, prompted outlining process like Now Novel’s dashboard or other story software, try these tips to for planning and making progress:

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Story planner success: How to organize your novel

Being a story planner is not necessarily vital for success. Some writers swear by seeing where a loose, less structured writing process takes them. Yet this may take longer, and there are other risks to having no story scaffolding. Learn how to organize your novel using methods such as online story planners and tools, annotation and story planner templates:

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Google Docs add-ons for writers: 6 of the best

Google Docs is already a useful free word processor. But these 6 Google Docs add-ons for writers will help you brainstorm, write and revise further:

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