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Author interview: Daniel Pease on writing

Daniel Pease tells us about his journey creating Careless: a Leland Chase mystery

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9 ways to reclaim your writing groove

Here are some tips to reclaim your writing groove and get back into that writer’s seat

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Crime writing: 10 pointers from the experts

From not having your protagonist eat too many scrambled eggs to writing what you know–and don’t know–here’s a roundup of advice from crime writing aficionados.

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The benefits of reading like a writer

We’ve all heard the phrase “good readers make good writers,” but just what does it mean, why is it important, and how does one go about reading like a writer?

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12 famously incarcerated writers

Each year, PEN International marks the Day of the Imprisoned Writer in order to raise awareness about persecuted and incarcerated writers worldwide, but not all writers who have done time have been political prisoners. Here are a dozen writers who went to prison for a variety of reasons:

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Write better description: What Marquez can teach us

Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez was praised for his lyrical, vivid descriptions among other aspects of his work. By studying his prose, you too can write better description:

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Creating mood like Haruki Murakami

Mood has a great deal to do with the success of a piece of fiction because it is related to how the story makes the reader feel. A writer aiming for a melancholy or surreal mood in fiction could study the novels of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami for tips on how to achieve those moods.

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The best crime novels: 10 must-read books

Writing great crime fiction means reading the best crime novels? Below are 10 crime novels that will give you a good reading foundation.

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Novel writing tips: Guest interview with published author Caroline Sandon

1.    When did you first start writing?      I started writing when I was about five, usually poems for my father’s birthday cards, it progressed from there. At … Read More

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