Finding ideas Writing exercises

Generating ideas for stories: 10 fun ways (plus prompts)

Generating ideas for stories is easy when you have creative methods to jog loose new associations and connections. Try these fun ways.

Finding ideas Writing Process

What is prewriting? Preparing to write with purpose

Prewriting is an important stage of writing as it ensures your story project has purpose, a market, clarity, and the conceptual bedrock to build an enduring story. Learn more.

Book marketing Book publishing Finding ideas

Book title ideas: How to come up with the best

Knowing how to find book title ideas that intrigue readers is key to gaining your audience’s attention. Try these ten ways to choose a title for your novel.

Finding ideas Writing Inspiration

38 plot ideas (plus 7 ways to find more)

Plot ideas – where can you find them when you’re thinking about what to write next? Read seven ways to come up with ideas and 38 plot idea examples.

Finding ideas How to start a book Writing Process

Book ideas: 12 fun ways to find them

Read 12 fun ways to find a book idea, from exploring myths and legends to poring through digital archives, doing as Disraeli advised, and more.

Finding ideas Story Development

How to develop a story idea: 7 essential exercises

Learning how to develop a story idea comes with practice and staying curious. These 7 story development exercises will help you ask questions and flesh out rudimentary ideas with greater substance and detail:

Finding ideas How to start a book

What are good topics for novels? 14 ways to find winners

Whether you’re between projects or planning on writing your first book, there are many ways to decide what are good novel topics. Here are 14 ideas for how to find book topics:

Finding ideas Writing Inspiration

Writing prompt ideas: 10 ideas from top authors

Seeking writing inspiration? Read 10 writing prompt ideas drawn from top authors’ novels, books on writing, interviews, essays and blog posts:

Finding ideas Romance Writing

Story ideas: Romance brainstorming in 8 easy steps

Looking for the kind of story ideas romance directors dream of? You could grow your idea from a ‘meet cute’ scenario. Or find what drives a natural (or unlikely) duo’s mutual attraction. Try these 8 simple steps to develop a memorable romantic story or arc:

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