Finding ideas Writing Process

What is prewriting? Preparing to write with purpose

Prewriting is an important stage of writing as it ensures your story project has purpose, a market, clarity, and the conceptual bedrock to build an enduring story. Learn more.

How to start a book

How to start a book: Getting process and story right

There are two sides to learning how to start a book: Deciding on a process for starting and finding the beginning of the story itself. Here are tips for both aspects:

Modern-day novel writing Novel writing tips Plotting

Writing a story from beginning to end: How to take charge of plot

Writing a story from beginning to end is a complex task that people approach in varying ways. Some are guided by their characters or by instinct. However, it is possible for you to take charge of your plot and steer it in your intended direction from the opening sentence to the final paragraph. Here’s how:

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