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Learn how to write a book together with your writing peers, with guidance, coaching, feedback and writing sprints with coaches who have done it all before. From your first idea through to publishing tips you’ll get one-on-one guidance, practical feedback, video courses, feedback and access to Now Novel's story-planning tools.

What’s the ethos of Now Novel’s group author coaching program?

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Stay accountable in a small group environment with the added benefit of personal attention from book coaches with experience in the publishing industry.

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Enjoy varied feedback on weekly tasks, in Q&A sessions, and via writing coaches' reviews of your work.

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Be part of a comprehensive program plus Q&A sessions and exclusive, drop-in webinars to expand your craft.

Benefits include:
  • Intake call and exit calls to understand your challenges, and plan your next steps
  • Access to the Now Novel Dashboard to outline your ideas
  • Structured curriculum with weekly tasks
  • Weekly Q&A with multiple creative writing coaches to answer your questions. Our experienced coaches are ready to help you through the writing process.
  • Video and audio guides and readings to improve your writing craft
  • Writing sprints six days a week to hold you accountable to your writing goals
  • Ongoing reviews with feedback on your work to guide your story
  • Small groups for personalised attention
  • Webinars to expand your writing knowledge and understanding of the creative process

Who you'll work with

Romy Sommer - Now Novel Writing Coach and Editor
Romy Sommer
  • Author of seven novels published by HarperCollins London, as well as seven self-published titles
  • Founder of ROSA (Romance writers Organisation of South Africa)
  • First South African to be nominated for the prestigious RWA Rita® Award
Hedi Lampert - Now Novel Writing coach and editor
Hedi Lampert
  • Mondi Award-winning writer and editor
  • Experienced features writer
  • Author of fictionalized memoir, The Trouble with My Aunt
  • Special interest in creative memoir and life-writing
Nerine Dorman - Now Novel Writing coach and editor
Nerine Dorman
  • Editor and multi-published author
  • Editor of the Bloody Parchment anthologies
  • Author of award-winning YA novel Sing Down the Stars
  • Special interest in science fiction, fantasy, horror and YA
Arja Salafranca - Now Novel Writing coach and editor
Arja Salafranca
  • Poet, author, essayist, journalist and editor
  • Author of award-winning poetry collections, A Life Stripped of Illusions and Beyond Touch
  • Debut collection of short stories, The Thin Line
  • Editor of three collections of prose and short stories
  • Holds an MA in Creative Writing


  • You want to finish writing a book but aren’t sure how
  • You have challenges starting or developing your story
  • You want a clear outline for the path to completing your story
  • You struggle to find the time and focus to finish your book, and are feeling stuck in your writing life
  • You know a bit about writing and story concept and craft but would like to learn more
  • You want to transform your writing practice, work through writing challenges, create a writing schedule, and finish a first draft
  • You’d like to meet other creative writers in a moderated critique circle and get helpful answers to writing questions in Q&As with coaches and editors

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How you’ll be motivated

Help for your specific challenges

Get an initial call to understand where your strengths lie and where you need some help. An exit call on video chat to understand what your next steps are; from editing through to querying.

Now Novel Group Coaching has an intake call

A structured, but flexible curriculum

No wondering what to do next, you’ll be pointed in the right direction for your next steps, and learn more about the craft of writing through varied media (audio, video, articles, handouts and webinars) to suit your learning style as you progress.

Now Novel Group Coaching is a structured by flexible curriculum

Personal attention and interaction

Frequent writing sprints give you the time to write plus the companionship and accountability of writing in a focus-building space with others. Q&A sessions with multiple coaches help you address any questions you might have: from dialogue through publishing. Consistent constructive feedback from our experienced writing coaches and fellow writers on your writing helps you develop your story.

Now Novel Group Coaching gives you companionship and accountability

What alumni loved about Group Coaching

Creating a daily writing habit and developing the confidence and motivation to keep writing is hard. Alumni find an online writing workshop where writers connect helpful, for showing up, putting in the work, and making writing progress, together.

Lauren loved structured support

Lauren managed to write her first draft in three months

Writer Lauren video testimonial for Now Novel Group Coaching

Francesca loved writing sprints

Francesca says writing sprints helped her finish writing her book

Writer Francesca video testimonial for Now Novel Group Coaching

Books published using Now Novel

Joe Byrd: a Now Novel success story

Successful author Joe Byrd video testimonial for Now Novel
Whisky & Wildflowers by Mark Lamot

"Five stars for the comprehensive range of topics and materials. A great feature of the site is the community of aspiring writers."

Novel: Whisky & Wildflowers

Mark Lamont

Mark Lamont, successful Now Novel author
Bitcoin Hurricane by Kate Baucherel

"It all boosted my confidence and kept me writing until the end of the story. Now Novel has been a great springboard for success."

Novel: Bitcoin Hurricane

Kate Baucherel

Kate Baucherel, successful Now Novel author
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Get notified

Are you interested in joining Group Coaching? Have a question? Leave your email address and we'll get back to you.

What you'll learn

Click through the months to view the detailed curriculum
Swipe through the months to view the detailed curriculum

What others enjoy about writing with Now Novel:

I am so glad I signed up for the Now Novel Group Coaching program. The group offers accountability, support from other writers, informative webinars, and knowledgeable coaches. I would highly recommend Now Novel to any writer.


As part of a Group Coaching Program, I've been attending their writing webinars and writing sprints. I love Romy! She is a wonderful writing coach. ... P.S. Now Novel's writing dashboard is an amazing, easy-to-use tool!


...a support network that not only provides me encouragement and accountability, but also experience and recommendations that have benefited me in planning, executing, and following through with my goals.

Read more reviews on: Trustspot Logo

How you’ll get feedback

Each week you’ll get professional feedback and insights from the Now Novel team by sharing your work on the critique forum. As you proceed there will be ongoing constructive critique of your work so you can revise and improve as you go. Your synopsis, opening chapter, setting description and dialogue will all get reviewed. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll get feedback on your query letter and a final synopsis critique.

How you’ll develop your ideas

The Now Novel process will help you make your story richer. Using prompts, relevant articles and references from your work you’ll be prompted to build an outline of your story. Then use the scene builder to structure your story into scenes and the Google Docs plug-in to actually write it.


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How much does it cost?

Course details

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Duration: 6 Months
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Not happy? Get your Money back
If you realise the course isn’t for you then let us know and we’ll give your money back.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is group coaching

» Group coaching is a six-month, guided online writing workshop. You join writing peers under the guidance of a writing coach who will help you make time to write, find structure, stay motivated and finish your story.

I have already started my book, is this course right for me

» It is fine if you have already started and would like to develop early chapters into a full book. If you already have a finished manuscript, we recommend a manuscript evaluation or other editing service since your progress is beyond the scope of the course (finishing a complete draft of a full-length book while learning more about story craft).

If you’re looking for help with indie publishing, our publishing course covers everything from formatting and cover design to understanding merchant platforms, audiobook creation, and more.

I have a lot of questions, can I talk to someone

» Sure. Send us an email at [email protected] or use the chat box on this page to reach out and we’ll answer any of your questions (or ask for an invite to the webinar where you can ask any of your questions before the course starts). The intake call where we discuss your goals and vision also provides an opportunity to share any specific needs or concerns before you start.

What resources are included in this package

» Group coaching includes everything you need to write your novel. Story outlining tools (the Now Novel dashboard), writing sprints six days per week, and weekly Q&As, a secure member critique platform, ongoing review of your work plus video and audio writing guides.

Is this only for fiction

» Group coaching is flexible and may suit you if you are writing a memoir, screenplay or short story collection. It is not suited to writing materials such as textbooks due to its focus on story craft.

How will we meet up and get feedback

» You get a schedule for the daily writing sprints once we have an idea of the group’s availability. Drop in whenever you can to write and focus together and stay accountable. Q&As are scheduled when we know everyone’s availability and what will work best for the group. These are held frequently so that if you miss one, you don’t miss out.

What are writing sprints

» Writing sprints are online meet-ups held four times a day Monday through Saturday. It’s a way to connect with other participants and keep yourself accountable to your goals. There is some chatting allowed at the beginning of every hourly session, but most of the time is silent and focused writing/working.

Are the writing sprints live

» Sprints as well as Q&A sessions with coaches and regular writing webinars are all live and we do not share recordings except for regular webinars where we share recordings with subscribers.

In sessions where you share your own content (such as our first page panels where we give members live feedback on work-in-progress), we do not record or share the session for the sake of confidentiality/privacy.

What is the course classroom like

» We use a secure platform called LiveWebinar for the daily writing sprints and the weekly Q&As. You can turn on your video and audio, or you can just use the chat functionality to communicate with the coach and other participants.

An online novel writing course that's tailor-made to get you to actually write that book you've been thinking about.

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