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Writing productivity tools and apps that help you work smarter

7 writing productivity tools to work smarter

Writing productivity tools and apps make it easier to structure your work and maximize what you get out of available writing hours. Here are 7 tools and apps that will help you finish a book this year: 1. Google Docs It’s tricky keeping productive when you have countless other demands on your time. Google Docs is […]

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Plot vs character - Now Novel shares the pros of plot driven vs character driven novels

Plot vs character: What drives a great novel?

Choosing whether your novel will be plot driven or character driven is an important part of writing a novel. Plot vs character isn’t a simple choice, as each emphasis has its own benefits (and disadvantages if it is emphasized far more than the other). Read the pros and cons of each story type, followed by […]

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How can I get help writing a book?

How can I get help writing a book? 7 tips

If you’ve always wanted to write a novel but don’t know where to start, or you start writing your book and get stuck, you’re probably asking ‘How can I get help writing a book?’ It’s easy to find help with each part of writing. So how can I get help writing a book? 1. Join […]

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Now Novel writing groups announcement.

Now Novel online writing groups: Improve your writing

We’re excited to announce our new website feature is live: Now Novel’s online writing groups. ‘Groups’ combines our helpful critique system with sociable, motivating online writing groups. Now you can chat to other writers who share your genre and other interests right from the dashboard and prioritize reading the latest critique submissions by writers who […]

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How to write believable characters - character writing and typewriter image

How to write believable characters

Knowing how to write believable characters is vital for any fiction writer. A character that seems like a stock character – the hero, the villain, the orphan, the unwilling saviour – can easily become too predictable. So how do you create a great character? There are several ways to make sure that your fictional characters […]

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The six secrets to writing a series - blog cover image

Six secrets to writing a series

  Writing a series of books can be difficult to manage: Not only do you need to sustain your plot and character development over a longer arc. You also need to consider the time-line of how often you will release new books in the series and how you will keep readers sustained and eagerly anticipating […]

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How did I write my book?

Bridget asked me to share my “expertise” on writing my first novel, and at first, I felt bemused because I sure as heck don’t feel like an expert. Sure I wrote a novel and am now editing and preparing queries and synopsis and 10-50 page excerpts to send to agents, but an expert? I don’t […]

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how to create a book cover

How to create a book cover

Knowing how to create a book cover that draws readers is vital if you want to build a loyal following. Recently Bridget wrote a book on how to write a novel. As it turns out, we don’t know everything about publishing a book (including how to create a book cover) and so had to call […]

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Writing quiz: What kind of writer are you?

Writers come in all shapes, sizes, colours, political persuasions, and so on. So what kind of writer are you? Take our writing quiz and share your result with friends. When you’re finished, see our bumper post of 88 quotes on how to write a book.        

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