Help with writing: Get constructive feedback to improve

Help with writing: Get constructive feedback to improve


If there’s one thing every writer needs it’s another pair of eyes for help with writing. It can be a beta reader or an editor or a fellow member of a writing group.

In fact, that was the one question we kept getting over and over from the Now Novel community – how can I get help with my writing and more feedback on my work?

That’s why we created the Now Novel critique system.

What is it?

It’s a way for the Now Novel community to get and give feedback on 500-word pieces of work.

What is it for?

To get honest feedback on your work, so you can find out if you’re heading in the right direction or need to make some changes – ideally before you’ve written your whole novel!

By saving 500-word extracts or ‘Scribbles’ in your ‘Scribble Pad’, you can post any extract you choose for helpful feedback from the Now Novel community. Besides submitting actual scenes or other parts of the text, you can also use Now Novel to get feedback on:

  •  your story synopsis
  •  your first page
  •  character outlines
  •  any other part of your writing that you want feedback on.

How does it work?

Essentially, it’s a trading system to get help with writing. For every five critiques you give others, you get to submit one piece of work for critique. The critique itself involves reading a 500-word piece of work and then answering the question the author has asked (E.G. ‘Does my main character come across as a funny person?’). You may also rate each post on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how much the writer instilled a desire to continue reading.

What if I’m too shy to post my work?

We know that a lot of writers are wary of sharing their work before it’s edited, which is why we’ve included an option for anonymous Scribble submission – the writing shows up, but not the name of the person who wrote it.

What if the feedback is too harsh?

We urge members to give only constructive criticism – something that will actually help you to become a better writer. That’s why we’ve made all feedback attached to a person, i.e. there’s no way to give anonymous feedback, because we all know that anonymity brings out the worst in comments! If you do receive feedback that seems unnecessarily personal or aggressive, try to shrug it off and only pay attention to authors who truly want to provide help with writing to others.

How do I get help with writing?

Go and create a 500 word piece on your Scribble Pad and submit it for Critique… Go now! What are you waiting for?

Any questions? Drop us a line either at help at now novel dot com or else via the Now Novel Facebook page

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