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Researching place when you can’t just get on an airplane

When you can’t travel to research a place, you need to get creative with other ways of finding information about a locale

Novel research

How to research for a book: 9 ways to prepare well

Deciding how to research for a book is a personal process, with much depending on your subject. Read 9 tips on how to research a novel:

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Writing a novel: 7 tips from bestselling authors

Writing a novel requires that you pay attention to the many elements of a book that factor into whether or not it is an excellent read. Great … Read More

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Historical fiction: 7 elements of research

This guest contribution is by author and historical fiction blogger M.K. Tod of A Writer of History. Mary provides valuable insights into the particular research required of the historical fiction writer, along with practical advice for sourcing the factual material that will help bring a bygone era to life in your novel.

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