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How to write a book - Ben Schmitt bio image

11 tips: How to write even when you don’t want to

This week we have a guest post for you by writer and blogger Ben Schmitt of The Authors’ Nook. Ben offers some practical advice on how to write a book when you’re lacking in motivation: Do you enjoy writing, but every once and a while it’s the last thing in the world you want to […]

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Overcoming writing hurdles - writing your first book - Zainul Khan

Overcoming writing obstacles: Zainul Khan

At Now Novel we love receiving feedback from writers, especially when it concerns overcoming writing obstacles. We recently heard from one Zainul Khan, an ex-captain of the Indian Army and fiction writer. Mr Khan kindly agreed to talking about his eventful life and writing development in a guest writer interview. He has written several books, […]

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Writing inspiration: 11 authors on how to get inspired to write

Countless writers throughout the history of the novel have spoken of ‘The Muse’, a personification of the writing inspiration that visits us. This week we have a bumper guest post: we asked several writers and lit bloggers whose work collectively spans nearly every genre from historical fiction to sci-fi to tell us about their top […]

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Picture of author M.K. Tod - researching historical fiction

Historical fiction: 7 elements of research

This week we’re lucky to be featuring a guest post by author and historical fiction blogger M.K. Tod of A Writer of History. Mary provides valuable insights into the particular research required of the historical fiction writer, along with practical advice for sourcing the factual material that will help bring a bygone era to life […]

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Warren Adler - author

How a Novel Ends

[This week we’re fortunate to have successful author Warren Adler with us, giving his insights on how a novel ends.] Roderick Thorp was part of a small group of novelists who came together on a monthly basis in the late eighties in Los Angeles to chew the fat. Rod had made a breakthrough success at […]

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The Rise of Book Blog Tours

    Nobody can dispute the power of social media. The digital age is well and truly upon us, and anyone who digs their heels in and clings to the old ways will be left “holding the bag”. But where to start? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr…the list is endless and can be very daunting, […]

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