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central idea vs theme - meaning in storytelling

Central idea vs theme: Developing your novel’s ideas

The central idea of a story is the seed from which the offshoots of plot, character and theme grow. It’s the core scenario that sets the action in motion. The themes of a novel are the general ideas and principles the story explores. When you examine central idea vs theme (more…)

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How to find story ideas

How to find story ideas: 15 easy methods

Story ideas lie waiting in the unlikeliest (as well as most obvious) places. You could find an idea for the next bestseller while channel-surfing (as The Hunger Games’ author did) or by actively hunting an idea worthy of your commitment and creative energy. Read 15 methods that will help you create a good list of book ideas: (more…)

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Coping with publisher rejections - Zadie Smith on withstanding despair

88 inspirational quotes about writing a novel

Even seasoned writers feel blocked at times during the writing process, but these 88 inspirational quotes about writing, divided into 8 categories, will help you finish writing a novel: 1. Quotes on finding an idea for a novel Before you write the first word down, before your characters come alive on the page, the initial idea for your […]

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Nabokov quote - exercise for coming up with novel ideas

Novel ideas: An easy exercise for finding them

[Today’s guest post is by Janice Hardy of Romance University. When you’re finished reading, find a novel idea using our central idea finder] Finding fresh novel ideas is a daunting process, even when you know exactly the kind of story you want to tell. But sometimes you dont know what you want to write. That’s […]

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