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Story plot ideas: 8 fun ways to find your premise

Finding story plot ideas that grab hold of your imagination is easy if you know where to look. Try these 8 ways to find a strong premise for your story:

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Character archetypes: How to enrich your novel’s cast

The best-loved fiction for children, teens and adults shares characters who feel familiar. This is because effective characters often have strong archetypal qualities. They have combinations of fears and goals – character psychology – we’ve seen before. What are character archetypes, exactly, and how can you use them to make your novel’s cast more interesting?

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Infographic: How to build a book audience

Our previous guide on how to build an audience for your fiction included practical tips on using social media, getting active in your local book-reading community and more. Now you can read and share some of the key pointers included in that guide via the concise infographic below:

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Banish writer’s block – infographic

We’ve previously explored ways you can break out of a dry spell and get writing. We’ve condensed ten of our favorite methods into the infographic below. Pin, tweet, or share on Facebook with the writers you know who might appreciate a reminder of the many ways creative paralysis can be tackled and overcome.

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