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Character archetypes - Now Novel on archetypal characters

Character archetypes: How to enrich your novel’s cast

The best-loved fiction for children, teens and adults shares characters who feel familiar. This is because effective characters often have strong archetypal qualities. They have combinations of fears and goals – character psychology – we’ve seen before. What are character archetypes, exactly, and how can you use them to make your novel’s cast more interesting? (more…)

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How to build a book audience - writing infographic

Infographic: How to build a book audience

Our previous guide on how to build an audience for your fiction included practical tips on using social media, getting active in your local book-reading community and more. Now you can read and share some of the key pointers included in that guide via the concise infographic below: These are practical tips for writers who have […]

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Banish writer's block - infographic on regaining creativity

Banish writer’s block – infographic

Our blog post ‘Banish writer’s block: 14 proven methods’ looked at effective ways you can break out of a dry spell and get writing. We’ve condensed ten of our favourite methods into the infographic below. Pin, tweet, or share on Facebook with the writers you know who might appreciate a reminder of the many ways creative […]

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Writing a science fiction plot - Now Novel PATTERN system

Writing Science Fiction Plots – Our PATTERN System Infographic

  Earlier in the week we shared our PATTERN system. It’s an approach to writing science fiction plots that will help you to gather all the loose strands of your sci-fi novel idea and get writing. Now you can view, save or share a conveniently condensed infographic version (read the full post for extra sci-fi […]

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Infographic - 6 ways to bring setting to life - writing tips

Infographic – 6 ways to bring setting to life

Our post ‘6 ways to bring setting to life’ provided practical advice for how to immerse your reader in a believable place. Now you can read, share and save a handy infographic containing those same insights. Did you find this infographic useful? Once you’ve tweeted, repinned or embedded it, read through our other blog posts […]

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write a plot outline with the help of this infographic

How to write a plot outline: The Infographic

Learning how to write a plot outline is an essential skill if you want to become a prolific author. Whether you find the distant target of reaching a substantial word length or the creation of a satisfying, forward-moving plot daunting, if you write a plot outline for your novel in advance you will have a […]

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The central conflict of your novel - infographic

Choosing the central conflict of your novel: Infographic

Remember our post about choosing the central conflict of your novel? Conflict between characters or between a character and an inhospitable environment drive action. This keeps readers engrossed as it introduces an air of unpredictability that leaves readers wanting more. We’ve created an infographic condensing the information on story conflicts we included in the earlier post on […]

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