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World Book Day - quotes for writers | Now Novel

Quotes for writers: 35 international authors’ writing advice

Respected authors from around the world often share useful advice and ideas on writing. World Book Day is all about celebrating ‘the power of books to promote open and inclusive knowledge societies’, as UNESCO says. With that in mind, here are valuable insights from authors from the USA to Peru, Nigeria to Russia: (more…)

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Now Novel shares top tips on how to become a novelist

How to become a novelist: 10 top authors’ tips

  Published authors know there are many steps to how to become a novelist. You need discipline,  imagination and planning skills to become a writer. These ten helpful quotes by bestselling authors describe some of the most important steps to becoming a writer. When you’re finished reading, try the now novel process to finish writing a book. […]

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Helpful writing quotes - A to Z

Helpful writing quotes: An A to Z of authors’ advice

This week we’ve put together an A to Z of our favourite authors’ helpful writing quotes, categorised by subject from ‘anti-hero’ to ‘YA’. Use the links below to jump to your favourite section. Share on social media and let us know in the comments section which are your favourites: Jump to Section: A;   B;   C; […]

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Build confidence in writing - writing quotes

Build confidence in writing: 21 motivating quotes

What are the major challenges aspiring writers face? This is something we’ve been asking you in a poll on the blog recently and your responses have been informative and interesting. Many writers list confidence in writing as a challenge, so without further ado here are 21 quotes that will help you to persevere and finish […]

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On writing well - 9 authors' insights

On writing well: 9 celebrated authors’ insights

All fiction writers want to write well. Here are 9 famous authors on writing well and mastering the art of fiction: Remember to write for yourself It can be tempting to be over-anxious about what you imagined audience might think, rather than focusing on what you want to write. The beloved science fiction author Ray Bradbury always […]

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Typewriter and glass of wine - writing process blog cover

The writing process: 5 top authors on their writing approach

Having a writing process is crucial to finishing a novel. There are several reasons that you need to develop a writing process that works for you: Writing a novel takes a long time. If there’s one essential tip for how to start and finish a novel it’s this: you need a framework in place to […]

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How to self-edit - 8 top editing tips for fiction writers

How to self-edit your writing: 8 tips

Learning how to self-edit your writing empowers you to polish your prose. Ernest Hemingway famously quipped that you should ‘write drunk and edit sober’. This might not be good advice for teetotallers (or in general). But there is a grain of truth in Hemingway’s words: you need a state of mental clarity that allows you to […]

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Banish writer's block - infographic on regaining creativity

Banish writer’s block – infographic

Our blog post ‘Banish writer’s block: 14 proven methods’ looked at effective ways you can break out of a dry spell and get writing. We’ve condensed ten of our favourite methods into the infographic below. Pin, tweet, or share on Facebook with the writers you know who might appreciate a reminder of the many ways creative […]

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