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10 of 2016’s best articles on writing

Read our list of 10 useful and insightful posts on the craft and psychology of writing from the past year:

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How to describe eyes in a story: 7 simple tips

Learning how to describe eyes in a story without resorting to cliché helps set your writing apart from amateurish fiction. Many beginning authors over-rely on eye descriptions and eye color to create an impression of their characters. Here are 7 tips for talking about your characters’ eyes creatively:

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What is pacing in writing? Mastering pace

What is pacing in writing? In fiction, pacing refers to how quickly (or slowly) the action of the story unfolds. Why is pacing in a story important? Because it helps to keep the reader interested and maintains a desired atmosphere and tone. A suspense thriller shouldn’t move at a crawl, just as an adventure novel shouldn’t end rapidly, almost as soon as it began. Here are 5 tips for getting pacing in your novel right:

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Writing a novel: 8 writing tips from Ursula K. Le Guin

The esteemed fantasy and science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin has often provided great advice for writing a novel. In interviews, public speeches, essays and her writing manual Steering the Craft, Le Guin provides many insights into how to write better and master your prose. Here are 8 of Le Guin’s best tips for writers:

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How to self-edit your writing: 8 tips

Learning how to self-edit your writing empowers you to polish your prose. Ernest Hemingway famously quipped that you should ‘write drunk and edit sober’. You need a state of mental clarity that allows you to be methodical when editing.

Writing advice

Writing lessons from masters of craft

One of the wonderful things about writing is that we are surrounded by teachers. The books you read can teach you something (good or bad) about the art of writing.

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Creating your own budget MFA in Creative Writing

Studying for an MFA in fiction writing can be expensive. Even though not everyone can afford to study creative writing at university, you can create your own budget MFA in creative writing.

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