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10 interesting writing ideas from The Guardian

Interviews with authors are a great source of interesting writing ideas – both ideas about writing and ideas for stories themselves. Talking and thinking about writing is a great way to get new ideas flowing. Read 10 interesting ideas from The Guardian’s ‘The New Review Q&A’ series:

Book publishing Series writing

How to write a series: 10 tips for writing smash hits

If you want to make the big time, learn how to write a series. Why? Because once readers are hooked on book one and know that books two through four are on the way, you’ll have a captive, invested book audience. These 10 tips for writing series will help you plan an intriguing, addictive multi-novel story arc:

Scene writing Story Structure Writing Genres

Writing romantic scenes and fight scenes: 6 parallels

Writing romantic scenes between lovers and writing fight scenes (between lovers or heroes and villains) might sound miles apart. Yet both share common important elements: 

Writing description

Choosing description words: 10 questions to ask

There are endless ways to describe someone, from physical description to verbal tics, personal views and more. Here are 10 questions to ask about your description words to help you make your writing vivid:

Narration Writing infographics

Types of narration infographic – 6 narrative POVs

Types of narration and POV play a crucial role in your story’s overall dramatic effect.

Editing Writing infographics

How to self-edit your writing: 8 tips

Learning how to self-edit your writing empowers you to polish your prose. Ernest Hemingway famously quipped that you should ‘write drunk and edit sober’. You need a state of mental clarity that allows you to be methodical when editing.

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