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Helpful writing quotes - A to Z

Helpful writing quotes: An A to Z of authors’ advice

This week we’ve put together an A to Z of our favourite authors’ helpful writing quotes, categorised by subject from ‘anti-hero’ to ‘YA’. Use the links below to jump to your favourite section. Share on social media and let us know in the comments section which are your favourites: Jump to Section: A;   B;   C; […]

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Writing fan fiction - valuable platform or fad blog cover

Writing fan fiction: Valuable platform or fad?

What is fan fiction? Fan fiction is a blanket term for unauthorised stories written by fans of existing material and based in the world of that material although in some cases it is expanded to include fiction about real people. Here’s how writing fan fiction can be a training ground for new writers: Fan fiction […]

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Writing a science fiction plot - Now Novel PATTERN system

Writing Science Fiction Plots – Our PATTERN System Infographic

  Earlier in the week we shared our PATTERN system. It’s an approach to writing science fiction plots that will help you to gather all the loose strands of your sci-fi novel idea and get writing. Now you can view, save or share a conveniently condensed infographic version (read the full post for extra sci-fi […]

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Now Novel PATTERN system - how to a plot sci-fi novel

The Now Novel PATTERN system for plotting your sci-fi novel

How do you begin to develop a plausible world and start plotting your sci-fi novel? Here’s how the Now Novel PATTERN system can give you the blueprint you need for well-plotted, well-developed science fiction: Worldbuilding is a crucial aspect of writing science fiction. Your world must seem plausible to the reader, and careful worldbuilding ensures […]

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Must-visit sci-fi websites for writers - space science fiction cover

43 must-visit sci-fi websites for writers

The imagining of possible worlds is the staple of science fiction. As expert Bruce Sterling puts it, science fiction (or SF or sci-fi for short) is ‘a form of fiction that deals principally with the impact of actual or imagined science upon society or individuals’. In speculative fiction this impact can be strictly technological (as […]

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