Mystery writing Writing Genres

How to write a murder mystery: 7 tips to captivate readers

Guest contributor Neil Chase shares tips to write a murder mystery that captivates readers and keeps them guessing.

Fantasy writing Science fiction writing

Unseen worlds: the omission of women on SFF ‘best of’ lists

Nerine Dorman laments that best of SFF lists often exclude many female writers, and suggests a range of other names to read

Books and reading Writing tools

The benefits of reading like a writer

We’ve all heard the phrase “good readers make good writers,” but just what does it mean, why is it important, and how does one go about reading like a writer?

Novel writing tips Writing Process

Finding your writing voice 5 points to consider

What sets you apart from other writers? How do you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in finding your unique writing voice. In this blog two guest writers give their take on how to find and hone your voice.

Character writing

5 ways to subvert character clichés and archetypes

This guest contribution by the team at Reedsy explores ways to subvert character clichés for a less predictable story.

Guest authors NaNoWriMo Writing advice

NaNoWriMo Challenge: why writers should do it

Guest contributor Cari Bennette discusses NaNoWriMo hurdles and the benefits of planning, community, and continuing the process beyond the month of November.

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