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How to write a character unlike you | Now Novel

How to write a character unlike you

Today we have a guest post, courtesy of ESL teacher Ethan Miller. Character creation is a key element of writing a novel. Authors, knowingly or unknowingly, often create characters that borrow heavily from their own selves and life experiences. It’s fun to see yourself as the protagonist of your story and base your characters in […]

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Direct vs indirect characterization | Now Novel

Direct vs indirect characterization: 8 tips and examples

Characterization, the art of breathing life into a fictional character, has many facets. We can separate this aspect of craft into direct characterization and indirect characterization. What are these two types of characterization, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Read on for tips and examples from literature: (more…)

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How to write dialogue that hooks readers

How to write dialogue that hooks readers: 10 tips

Here’s how to write dialogue that keeps readers engrossed. Read on after the summary for a more in-depth explanation with examples: 1: Create enlivening disagreement and friction 2: Keep dialogue tags appropriate and unobtrusive 3: Make sure each character has a distinct voice 4: Get dialogue punctuation right to avoid reader confusion 5: Read all your […]

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