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Now Novel writing groups announcement.

Now Novel online writing groups: Improve your writing

We’re excited to announce our new website feature is live: Now Novel’s online writing groups. ‘Groups’ combines our helpful critique system with sociable, motivating online writing groups. Now you can chat to other writers who share your genre and other interests right from the dashboard and prioritize reading the latest critique submissions by writers who […]

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How to write a novel - silence the 'you can't write' voice.

How to write a novel: Silence the ‘You can’t write’ voice

Like most writers, you may sometimes have to contend with the nagging voice of self-doubt. Yet step one in learning how to write a novel entails learning to differentiate between constructive (self) criticism and unproductive criticism. Even if you are critical of your own work to the point of creative obstruction, there are techniques that […]

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How to write a book - Ben Schmitt bio image

11 tips: How to write even when you don’t want to

This week we have a guest post for you by writer and blogger Ben Schmitt of The Authors’ Nook. Ben offers some practical advice on how to write a book when you’re lacking in motivation: Do you enjoy writing, but every once and a while it’s the last thing in the world you want to […]

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Overcoming writing hurdles - writing your first book - Zainul Khan

Overcoming writing obstacles: Zainul Khan

At Now Novel we love receiving feedback from writers, especially when it concerns overcoming writing obstacles. We recently heard from one Zainul Khan, an ex-captain of the Indian Army and fiction writer. Mr Khan kindly agreed to talking about his eventful life and writing development in a guest writer interview. He has written several books, […]

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Rediscovering the joy of writing

Writing is almost always a labour of love, but sometimes that love falters. When you begin to forget what you ever enjoyed about writing in the first place, it’s still possible to restore a sense of joy to your work. With the long solitary hours required, writing can be lonely. In addition, it may look […]

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How writing a book pays off - cover image

7 reasons writing a book makes you a champion

Many people talk about wanting to write a book “someday,” but few progress beyond that point. Anyone who has written a novel knows the enormous effort – both physical and mental – that goes into finishing a book, and here are seven reasons you can feel proud of your own efforts. • You will accomplish something […]

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Now Novel reviews - Now Novel's typewriter as cover pic

How to find motivation to write

We’ve made a few whiteboard videos to help you write your novel. This is a sampler of how best to motivate (and keep your motivation) while you’re writing.   Once you’re finished watching the video, see some of our other posts on how to find motivation to write: 1. How to write a novel: Silence […]

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celebrating small successes in writing

Celebrating small successes in writing

Finishing a novel is all about delayed gratification. But even while you are playing the long game, you can reward yourself along the way for smaller achievements by celebrating small successes in writing. What sorts of rewards are good ones for writing? In many ways, that is up to you. Try to strike a balance […]

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5 ways to ensure you write every week - blog cover

5 ways to ensure you will write every week

A consistent dedication to writing regularly is often what separates the successful writers from the unsuccessful ones. Even so, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the other distractions of life and let writing fall by the wayside. An optimistic New Year’s writing resolution or written plan is a great idea, […]

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time to write

How to finish your novel this year: 10 tips

  Here’s how to finish your novel this year: don’t let the months slip by, get proactive so that this is the year it happens. Whether you’re writing a first novel or your fourth, follow these ten tips to reach your writing goals: How to finish your novel this year: Get organised and ensure productive […]

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