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editing novel drafts like a pro - Now Novel's 8 top tips

Editing novel drafts like a pro: 8 tips

Editing novel drafts requires a specific set of skills. It’s wise to use a professional editor if you are serious about getting published. Even so, editing your manuscript well before you share your first draft with an editor will save time by streamlining the book editing process. Here are 8 tips for editing your own novel like a […]

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How to write a short story: Article on 10 steps for writing short stories

How to write a short story: 10 steps to a great read

Writing a short story differs from writing a novel in several key ways: There is less space to develop characters, less room for lengthy dialogue, and often a greater emphasis on a twist or an ‘a-ha’ realization. How to write a short story in ten steps: Step 1: Devise an intriguing scenario. Step 2: Plan […]

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How to become a writer - article on how to become a novelist

How to become a writer: 10 successful author secrets

Do you dream of being published and growing a loyal and dedicated audience? This takes time and perseverance, but here are 10 (open) secrets relating to how to become a writer: 1: Successful writers draw on their lives and surroundings Aspiring authors often have the impression that they need high concepts. There needs to be the possibility of […]

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Blog cover - 'How do I edit my own writing?'

‘How do I edit my own writing?’ 5 easy steps

In mentoring writers, I’m often asked this about editing: ‘Do I really need to hire a professional editor?’ When you are busy writing your first draft, you can definitely edit your own work. An editor is usually brought in only when you have a complete manuscript in hand. Whether you’re at an early stage of […]

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