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realistic dialogue - missteps to avoid | Now Novel

Realistic dialogue: 5 missteps to avoid

Realistic dialogue doesn’t necessarily mimic everyday speech. There’s a lot of real-world filler we remove when writing dialogue (e.g. pleasantries, ‘Fine thanks and you?’) Yet for dialogue to feel real, it’s important to avoid missteps that make dialogue ring hollow: (more…)

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5 types of dialogue | Now Novel

5 types of dialogue your novel needs

Dialogue is a key part of any character-driven novel. What characters say and how/why/when/where they say it is revealing. Read 5 types of dialogue your novel needs, and illustrative examples from books: (more…)

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Dialogue rules for writing fantastic conversations

7 dialogue rules for writing fantastic conversations

Dialogue rules aren’t set in stone but help us create¬†believable characters who have distinct, memorable voices. The best dialogue gives insights into characters and their motivations. Getting dialogue punctuation right is important, as is keeping dialogue entertaining. Here are 7¬†dialogue rules for writing conversations worthy of eavesdropping: (more…)

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