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How to make a plot captivating - Now Novel

How to make a plot captivating: 7 strategies

Sometimes you get half way through a story or novel before you realize that your plot is missing something. Maybe it plods and meanders, or there is a sameness of tension and pace. These 7 strategies will help you make a plot more captivating: (more…)

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How to create a satisfying story arc - Now Novel

How to create a satisfying story arc: 5 steps

How do you write a novel that has satisfying structure? The story arc or narrative arc of a novel is something you can consciously develop in your outline or as you draft to create cohesive structure. Read 5 steps to make your novel’s arcs work: (more…)

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Novel plot mistakes

Novel plot mistakes: 7 don’ts for how to plot a novel

In an otherwise well-written novel, plot weaknesses can derail the story and leave readers feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Plot holes, unexplained departures from the established rules of your fictional world and other quirks can ruin a promising book. Here are 7 (more…)

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Novel plot structure tips

Novel plot structure: 5 tips for creating intrigue

In a novel, plot structure can be organised in many different ways. If you structure your plot well, you’ll keep readers interested and focused. Here are 5 devices to create interesting story structure: 1: Begin in medias res Many novels suffer from long-winded exposition. (more…)

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Plot vs character - Now Novel shares the pros of plot driven vs character driven novels

Plot vs character: What drives a great novel?

Choosing whether your novel will be plot driven or character driven is an important part of writing a novel. Plot vs character isn’t a simple choice, as each emphasis has its own benefits (and disadvantages if it is emphasized far more than the other). Read the pros and cons of each story type, followed by […]

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Story plots: How to be original

Story plots: How to be original in 7 tips

When talking about story plots, ‘original’ is a word we often use. The word comes from the Latin originalis – ‘beginning, source or birth’. Writing a  novel can be the birth of a great career, but first you need to know what common plot clichés to avoid. You also need to be able to make […]

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How to write a book trilogy - 5 steps

How to write a book trilogy: 5 crucial steps

Want to learn how tow write a triad of books that keeps readers with you to the end? Here are 5 key steps for how to write a book trilogy: Step 1: Examine successful trilogies’ structures and learn what works. Step 2: Plan a thread that builds through all three books. Step 3: Treat the middle book […]

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Can I write a book?

‘Can I write a book?’ Yes: 7 resolutions that will help

The start of a new year is a great time to set goals and start writing in earnest. Maybe last year you were uncertain. Maybe you found yourself asking, ‘Can I write a book? What if my story idea sucks?’ The truth is you can resolve to write anytime and put in place the foundations that […]

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Get plot right - lessons from bestsellers

Get plot right: Lessons from 7 bestsellers

Wouldn’t it be great to write a bestseller? If you want to build a large readership it’s crucial to get plot right. If you look over bestseller lists, you might think that the secret to writing a best-selling novel is to have written one before. It’s true that lists such as the New York Times‘ […]

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