How to write a romantic book

How to write a romantic book: 5 mistakes to avoid

Learning how to write a romantic book also means learning to avoid common romance writing mistakes. The best romance writers excel at finding romantic story ideas and fleshing them out with memorable character relationships. Here are 5 romance writing mistakes to avoid: (more…)

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Novel plot mistakes

Novel plot mistakes: 7 don’ts for how to plot a novel

In an otherwise well-written novel, plot weaknesses can derail the story and leave readers feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. Plot holes, unexplained departures from the established rules of your fictional world and other quirks can ruin a promising book. Here are 7 don’ts for how to plot a novel: 1: Don’t create plot holes In novels, plot holes are […]

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Character relationships and tips for writing great character interactions

Character relationships: 6 tips for crafting real connections

Writing character relationships that make sense requires thinking about how relationships work. How and why do people interact in symbiotic or confrontational ways? Here are 6 tips for creating connected characters whose relationships are convincing: 1: Draw inspiration for characters’ relationships from real life Writing great relationships between characters requires being observant about relationships in your own life […]

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How to write a great short story - Now Novel's top short story writing tips

How to write a great short story: 7 simple steps

There are many reasons to learn how to write a great short story, even if you consider yourself a novelist first. Short stories present many publishing opportunities in journals and magazines. A short story can also be a testing ground where you (more…)

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