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Writing community: 10 ways to connect and share

The best writing communities foster growth, accountability, and provide companionship throughout the sometimes lonely writing process. Read ten ways to build community and find your own tribe.

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How to find beta readers for final draft feedback

Book lovers who will read your work for free and offer insights that an average reader for your genre would are wonderful to have before you publish. Read on for tips on where to find your beta reading team.

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How to give constructive feedback on writing that rocks

Knowing how to give great feedback (and also how to spot writing feedback that serves rather than shuts down) is crucial for author growth. Learn more about helpful vs unhelpful feedback.

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Now Novel online writing groups: Improve your writing

Writing groups on the web are so popular because they provide a space to share work and get helpful feedback, wherever you are. This helps you stay focused on your writing goals. Unsure of whether or not you should join an online writing group? Here are five reasons why it could be the best choice you’ll make for your starting and finishing your story:

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Writing feedback: How to get helpful critiques

One of the challenges for us all as writers is getting good feedback on our writing, especially early in our career. You can get feedback for free or you can pay for it, and you can get it from peers or from professionals. To get feedback on your writing:

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