How to make money from your e-book

How to make money from your e-book

Most writers want to make money from their e-books – if for no other reason than because they have spent many hours on it and nobody likes working for free! Many writers would certainly say that they write for their own satisfaction – but who doesn’t hope that their book could turn out to be a bestseller, the pot of gold at the end of their creative rainbow?

So how then does one make money out of e-books? There is no exact template for success, but the following tips may help.

Firstly, use a focused approach; do not simply offer free books on your site unless it is part of a strategy to gain a loyal readership base. You could chat to publishers and suggest that they publish selected chunks of your e-book for a small fee and a link to your bio page.

Another option would be to consider serialising it monthly, maybe even as you write it? If it’s any good your readers will be left hanging in anticipation every month and it will definitely generate income.

Another idea would be to create your very own private e-book library. All you would need to do is to negotiate with other e-book authors and add their titles and names to your website.  Now you have critical mass and you can negotiate with added clout to publishers. They buy and distribute the lot and each author (including you) would get onto the publisher’s catalogue.

One of the easiest ways to make money from your e-book is to get it into an educational institution to be used as course material.  This of course would be easier if you wrote something which you knew institutions like these were looking for – either way royalties may not make you a millionaire over night, but it may mean a welcome income stream on a product which needs very little energy spent on it once it has been published.

Have a look online at the multitude of e-books and the type of online marketing which goes into it. You might be surprised at how much money can actually be made!

Do you have an e-book you’d like to sell?

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