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How to distribute self-published books

You’ve written your book. You’ve sent proofs back and received copies of the finished product. Where to next? Read tips for how to distribute self-published books below:

Modern-day novel writing Self-publishing Writing advice

How to copyright your novel: Protecting your IP

Wikipedia aka ‘Big Brother’ tells us that copyright is a legal concept, giving the creator of an original work, exclusive rights to it. It could be images, poems, audio recordings, designs, movies … and your book of course.

Self-publishing Writing Motivation

Top 10 writing contests: Prestige and prizes

One of the best ways to get recognised as a writer is to enter a writing competition.  Of course you are not guaranteed to win, but if you do you will be able to use that to add to your credibility once you are ready to publish – it is also great practice!

Book marketing Modern-day novel writing Self-publishing

Reasons to create an eBook

If you’re thinking of turning your novel (or other writing) into an eBook, it’s worth considering what your reasons are for creating an eBook, and which you would like to focus on. Here are some key reasons to create an eBook:

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