Top 10 writing contests: Prestige and prizes

Top 10 writing contests: Prestige and prizes

One of the best ways to get recognised as a writer is to enter a writing competition.  Of course you are not guaranteed to win, but if you do you will be able to use that to add to your credibility once you are ready to publish – it is also great practice!

The Writer’s Digest: This well-known publication hosts an annual competition in most popular genres and their website allows easy entry with all the terms and conditions. The 1st prize is $3000 and the top 25 all get something. Moreover the top 10 all get published in the Writer’s Digest. .

The Missouri Review – Editors Prize: This is an annual competition and calls for submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. There is a $5000 prize in each category

The Self-Published Book Award: Any self-published fiction, non-fiction or ebook can be entered. There is a $500 prize.

The Pinch Literary Awards: This is for fiction and non-fiction writers and the prize money is $1500 and a publication

The William Van Dyke Short Story Contest: Entries are allowed a maximum of 5500 words and offers a first prize of $1000 plus publication, the second place winner also gets published.

The Sycamore Review – Wabash Prizes:  This contest is for fiction, non-fiction and poetry entrants.  The prize money is $1000 and all entrants are considered for publishing.

Centre for Literature Publishing – Nelligan Prize:  This is for all short-fiction writers, the prize money is $1500 and a publication.

Glimmer Train Press:  These guys run regular writing competitions, make sure you create a profile for yourself so that you get the competition information.

Wanderlust and Lipstick:  If you are not all that interested in prize money, then this competition is for you.  Held annually the prizes include trips around the world, travel gear and of course being published on the site.

The TelegraphThe UK paper, the Telegraph runs travel writing competitions throughout the year, prize money ranges from 200 GBP to 1000 GBP.

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