Reasons to create an eBook

Reasons to create an eBook

If you’re thinking of turning your novel (or other writing) into an eBook, it’s worth considering what your reasons are for creating an eBook, and which you would like to focus on. Here are some key reasons to create an eBook:

Increase your followers
People connect with an eBook in a way they don’t with social media. They can ‘get inside your head’ and vice versa, and you’re likely to increase followers to your blog, your Facebook page and your Twitter feed as a result. If you make your eBook easy to share, people will send it on to friends and family (and, even more importantly, Facebook friends!) Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, so increasing your followers in this way means they’ll remain fans in the future.

Publicise your writing
If you want to make writing a full-time career, it’s a good idea to have a solid sample of your writing to be able to share with others. Having published digitally will show that you are serious about your writing, and also give future editors a chance to see what your writing style is like.

Leave out the middle-man
If you want to get your novels out there without having to go through the time-consuming middle-man of traditional publishers, creating an eBook (or a series ) is a great way to go. Amanda Hocking made millions self-publishing purely because she believed in her writing and in the story she wanted to tell.

Bonus content
If you already have a book published but want to share extra content with your readers, an eBook is a great opportunity to package some of that content into something that is easily readable and will appeal to those looking for more once they’ve finished your book. This could also be an opportunity to share ‘behind the scenes’ information with your readers, and appeals to those looking for exclusivity and a premium package. You can choose whether to offer the bonus content eBook for free or at a price.

Earn money
Many bloggers have turned to eBooks as an alternative revenue stream. Simple eBooks can be sold for small amounts that quickly add up as your eBook becomes more popular.

Let us know what your reasons are to create an eBook, and how the journey is going, either on this blog post or on our creative writing Forum.

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