How to build an audience of early readers

How to build an audience of early readers

This is a guest post by Dominic Tarn.

No one wants to publish a book only to be greeted by the deafening silence. Understanding how to build an audience of early readers will ensure people spread the word about your book:

1. Start marketing early

They key to it is to start marketing early – the earlier the better – in order to build an eager audience.

Telling people that you are working on a novel in the early stages (after it is just a mere idea, but long before you have a finished first draft) will help you overcome any initial fear. The more who know about this book in progress, the less likely you will be to give up.

2. Create a website

Already have a website as a writer? Then be sure to make a page for your new project. If not, then setting up a website is quick, easy, and usually free.

Try a wizard tool such as Wix if you do not have experience in web design and development.

3. Build buzz by guest blogging

Writing regular blog posts helps you to build up a body of interesting material focused around your passion and work as a writer.

Try to obtain a spot guest posting on another blog, one with more traffic and a larger audience. Even if this is an unpaid opportunity, it serves to get your name out into the public domain and generate interest and supporters. Leverage growing visibility for your impending book launch, adding mention of your new title to your bio.

4. Be social

Some authors are constantly updating their Facebook pages or Instagram feeds. Others are more circumspect. So long as you are doing enough to engage on social media, this will drum up interest. You’ve put in the hard work, so be bold and tell others about your great new book.

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5. Intrigue your audience using extracts

Once your book is close to being ready, get a section published live in the wilds of the internet.

Why not share a chapter of your book on your blog for free? This is a great way to entice readers to buy your book. You can gauge the amount of interest and this also provides means to receive feedback before it goes public entirely.

6.Invest, invest, invest

Every creative profession that requires time, skill and effort, with unknown outcomes at the end of a project, is scary to engage in.

As a writer you have probably lost count of the number of hours you’ve spent working, thinking and editing your book.

So invest enough time, promoting it in advance of publishing. You will receive greater dividends in the long run.

Dominic Tarn is Communications Manager for Pastures Moo. Whether it’s in-progress or ready to sell, create your ebook promotions page: Follow us on Twitter: @Pasturesmoo.

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