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Why write a novel? Twitter tells us

Why is writing a book a dream for so many people, and so satisfying for others? There are a number of reasons…

Why is writing a book a dream for so many people, and so satisfying for others? There are a number of reasons…

Writing a novel can be therapeutic: You get to talk about feelings that you might not ordinarily and get everything off your chest:

Remember it’s the thought that counts, and a lot of thought went into your novel:

Writing also gives us a meaningful way of inspiring and moving others to a state of wonder:

That said, writing a book is no small task. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do:

Sometimes, you might feel as though you’re hanging by a thread:

Even acclaimed, published authors see writing a book as an act of survival. Murakami sees physical strength as equally important to any creative ability:

For starters, you have to figure out your plot. There are all kinds of ways to do that:

When in doubt, unusual characters in everyday circumstances might give you the inspiration you need:

Remind yourself frequently of your favourite parts of writing a book to persevere and finish your novel:

As many will tell you, it’s useful to have an in-depth understanding of your characters, their histories, motivations and every possible detail of their appearance.

Once you have your character and plot details, you’re reading to start putting the pieces of the novel together:

And then the finish line is in sight… The exhilaration of writing the last few words of a novel is a high unlike any other!

What is your unique reason for writing a novel? Tell me on twitter ( using the hashtag ‘#whyIwrite’ and I’ll add it to the list.

By Bridget McNulty

Bridget McNulty is a published author, content strategist, writer, editor and speaker. She is the co-founder of two non-profits: Sweet Life Diabetes Community, South Africa's largest online diabetes community, and the Diabetes Alliance, a coalition of all the organisations working in diabetes in South Africa. She is also the co-founder of Now Novel: an online novel-writing course where she coaches aspiring writers to start - and finish! - their novels. Bridget believes in the power of storytelling to create meaningful change.

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you’ve named the characters, put them in places, now they will take on a life of their own, make of you their demands, lead you to the next scene, say things you might never have imagined…you are on your way…
and…the best source for fiction is always and ever simply reality…what has been what becomes …
So I follow Aloysius Wing after he decapitates the stockman in the bar in Silver Bow, Graceful meditating on the suds which top her glass of beer, Ah Toy, arriving by train with Ludovicus Deepak, Ah Sing, the Princess Tata, but also Yugo, who might or might not be the husband of a famous novelist, Myrtle Talley, akaStrict Myrtle, aka Crazy Myrtle.. and they begin to lead the way….and always and ever it is an engagement of words, words, words, and with them the thing, always, ever, the very thing itself…Ah!.

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