Motivation: How to start, persevere and finish writing your novel

Motivation: How to start, persevere and finish writing your novel

Writing motivation - finding motivation to write

No matter how fired up you are to start your novel, you won’t be alone if you hit the occasional road block. Many writers need extra motivation to write a book from start to finish. There are practical steps you can take to motivate yourself and persevere against the odds. Learning how to write a book takes discipline and planning. Read our top 10 posts on getting motivated:

1. A letter to beginning writers

Committing to writing a book means you’re a tenth of the way there already. In her letter to beginning writers, Bridget shares advice how to motivate yourself to write, how to find time to work on your story, building confidence in your writing and more. Read more and finish writing your book. 

2. How to start a book so you are sure to finish

Many writers whom we’ve mentored have said how hard they find it to start a book. Read practical advice on how to start your book so that you’re prepared to finish.

3. How to sit down and start writing a novel

Here Bridget shares practical advice on how to sit down and actually write your novel. Set a deadline, create a writing routine and persevere until you’re finished.

4. How to write a novel: Silence the ‘you can’t write’ voice

Confidence in your writing may be a challenge, but it can be overcome. Here are practical tips for silencing the voice that tells you ‘You can’t write!’  Self-criticism and perfectionism are both precursors to procrastination and writer’s block, so read this post to safeguard against creative paralysis.

5. Keep going: 7 ways to find writing discipline and fight distractions

Having discipline and a writing routine are two important factors in whether or not you will actually finish writing a book. Learn how to keep writing despite distractions and to push through perfectionism and take the ‘butt in chair’ approach.

6. 11 tips: How to write even when you don’t want to

Boredom is a common factor for why people abandon their writing dreams of having finished, published novels. If you get bored quickly and want to chase after multiple novel ideas, this post provides ways to overcome these temptations and keep going through the hard parts of writing your book.

7. 5 ways to ensure you will write every week

A solid writing routine makes it much, much easier to start writing your book, persevere and finish. Read this post on how to stay disciplined and organized and tackle the task piece by piece until you hold a complete manuscript in your hands.

8. Now Novel writing groups: Improve your writing

Small writing critique groups do more than just improve your writing: A mutually supportive writing group provides encouragement and can build your confidence in your work. Increased confidence can help you renew your commitment to telling your story. Being accountable to others also gives you extra writing motivation. (You can join Now Novel groups here once you sign up.)

9. Use these 10 writing productivity hacks: Finish your novel this year

Consistency in having productive writing sessions is important for finishing your novel. Here are 10 writing productivity hacks that will help you maintain focus and work through your story from beginning to end.

10. How to keep motivated after the first draft

You’ve written the final full stop. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? This is where the challenging work of revising and editing begins. Because editing is a challenge, you might become bored at this stage. Follow this practical advice for persevering and preventing procrastination until you have a final, revised manuscript in your hands.

Once you’ve read the posts that help with your biggest writing challenges, try a writing mentor. Our one-on-one coaching helps by keeping your accountable to an approachable writing coach who will help you whenever you need an extra push or a fresh perspective.

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