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400 ways to say said? Simplify dialogue writing | Now Novel

421 ways to say said? Simplify dialogue instead

If you search for alternative dialogue tags to use in your story, you’ll find many lists. While some synonyms for ‘said’ read naturally (such as words conveying volume like ‘whispered’), others come across as overwritten and forced, particularly in the wrong context. Here are 5 simple ways to avoid clunky overuse of ‘he said/she said’: […]

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Writing dialogue between multiple characters | Now Novel

Writing dialogue between multiple characters

The Oxford dictionary defines dialogue as ‘a conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or film’ (OED). Yet the ‘or more’ (dialogue between more than two characters) is often confusing to write. How do you write and format dialogue well in a scene involving more than two characters? Here are […]

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Dialogue words - Other words for said | Now Novel

Dialogue words: Other words for ‘said’

Writing effective, compelling dialogue has multiple elements. It’s not only what characters say but how they say it that matters. Or how you show who’s speaking. ‘He said’ and ‘she said’ can dull and grow boring if overused. Read (more…)

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Dialogue rules for writing fantastic conversations

7 dialogue rules for writing fantastic conversations

Dialogue rules aren’t set in stone but help us create believable characters who have distinct, memorable voices. The best dialogue gives insights into characters and their motivations. Getting dialogue punctuation right is important, as is keeping dialogue entertaining. Here are 7 dialogue rules for writing conversations worthy of eavesdropping: (more…)

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How to write dialogue that hooks readers

How to write dialogue that hooks readers: 10 tips

Here’s how to write dialogue that keeps readers engrossed. Read on after the summary for a more in-depth explanation with examples: 1: Create enlivening disagreement and friction 2: Keep dialogue tags appropriate and unobtrusive 3: Make sure each character has a distinct voice 4: Get dialogue punctuation right to avoid reader confusion 5: Read all your […]

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quote box with '7 must-obey rules for writing dialogue'

7 must-obey rules for writing dialogue

Dialogue can serve a number of purposes in fiction including developing character, building suspense and advancing plot. If written well, it engages readers and increase their identification with characters. Here are 7 rules for writing dialogue: Make your dialogue imitate life One of the first things to remember about writing dialogue is that it should capture the essence […]

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Writing dialogue - write better character dialogue

Writing dialogue: 7 ways to write better conversations

Writing dialogue presents a unique set of challenges. A single italicized word can change the whole tone and meaning of an exchange, for example. Compare a person telling a questioner ‘that’s all I can remember’ with ‘that’s all I can remember.’ The difference in emphasis alters the meaning of the sentence. Here are 7 ways […]

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Character speech - how to write characters

Talking about your character: Speech

Character speech is what takes the reader into the heart of your characters. Develop a strong ear for inner monologue and dialogue to make your novel come alive. You can tell a great deal about a character from what that character says and how it is said. Character speech is a powerful tool in character development. […]

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10 Dialogue Tips From Screenwriters

When writing a book, the novelist can describe action to the reader through prose. Screenwriters must convey these actions silently and use dialogue as a primary force to drive their plots. The novelist would be wise to learn from screenwriters how to incorporate effective dialogue when writing a book. The following are some tips, thoughts […]

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