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Tone in writing: How do you build a novel’s tone?

Tone in writing refers to a complex mix of attributes. The mood, register, attitudes and other values conveyed through details such as word choice, sentence structure and the speaker or narrator’s attitude to their subject. Read examples of tone in writing that show what creates tone in a novel or story:

How to start a book

How to begin a novel: 8 ways to captivate

How satisfying is a novel that sinks its hooks in from the first page? Knowing how to begin a novel so that you captivate readers from the first chapterĀ is key to writing a publishable book. Here are 8 ways to begin your book compellingly:

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Writing an affecting novel: Examples of tone and mood

Tone and mood are two powerful elements of writing that affect how readers feel. Tone tells us a lot about characters – a protagonist whose tone is mostly sarcastic, for example, might seem jaded. Mood is closely tied to place. The atmosphere of a story setting, how characters feel about it, affects the mood. Read useful examples of tone and mood from fiction and tips for improving your own:

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