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Creating character - An old man holding a board saying 'how to make characters come alive.'

Creating character: How to make characters come alive

If there’s one thing every writer has to become good at it’s creating character interest. After all, your characters are the building blocks of your novel: They’re what will make your readers really care about the outcome and keep turning pages. Creating in-depth character sketches or outlines is an extremely helpful way to climb inside your character’s […]

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What novel writers can learn from TV: The Wire

The word “Dickensian” to describe the TV show “The Wire” was used so frequently by critics that it became a cliché, but there’s a reason that Charles Dickens, one of the most beloved writers in the English language, was repeatedly invoked in conversations about the show. “Novelistic” was another overused description of the show, but […]

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What novel writers can learn from TV: Mad Men

Often, movies and television can teach us as much or more about writing technique as books can because their streamlined structure makes it easier to isolate and identify certain writing strategies. Mad Men viewers can learn a great deal about character from watching the show. One of the most significant lessons a writer can learn […]

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Writing character mannerisms - 'actions speak louder than words'

Talking about your character: Mannerisms

One of the most common pieces of advice about writing is that you should show, not tell. Describing character mannerisms is an excellent way to show the reader information about your character in a subtle and interesting way. Character mannerisms Take a look at these sentences: Greta walked across the room. Greta strode across the […]

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How to describe posture - characters' body language - girl balancing books

Character posture: How to describe characters’ bearing

When we think about describing a character, we often think of listing items like hair colour, eye colour and body type. Character posture is important too: How we bear ourselves tells others a lot about us. Here are tips on using posture to bring out what makes each of your fictional characters uniquely interesting: Many of […]

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Today’s writing prompt:

It’s that time of the day (and week!) again – time to let your imagination run free for a little while and create something entirely new. Are you ready? Who was the person who made you feel ‘oh so much’ and what was that ‘oh so much’ feeling? Describe yourself (either autobiographically or as a […]

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Writing exercise of the week:

For this week’s exercise, I want to take you out of your comfort zone and into something entirely different. Can you guess what it’s going to be about, from the word above? Take 10 to 15 minutes with this one (if you can spare it while you drink a cup of tea or coffee) and […]

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